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Vic's Special Gift - Shooting Stars - Series 8 - BBC Two

More about this programme Vic has a special gift for Chris Packham - a portrait of the presenter holding a coot. Meanwhile, Brian ... tags: BBC BBC Two Bob Mortimer bonbonbonbons Brian Butterfield Chris Packham coot

Time Traveling Grandma - Episode 1

Time Traveling Grandma - E... 046 While looking for her long lost bottle of wheat germ, Grandma Agnes stumbled upon a Time Machine ... tags: confusedcootdinosaursdry_hump_comedyelderlyever.funny

Lemme Touch It

This is one of my boyfriend, Tim, beats. Check him out at or tags: BizzleBrittCootGreatKayLemmeTouch

Missin You

This is one of my boyfriend, Tim, beats. He was inspired to make this one because of his Dad, R.I.P... Check him out at ... tags: BizzleBrittCootGreatKayMissin

Edgbaston Reservoir, Ladywood

This movie reflects my fascination with the Edgbaston Reservoir. It's got everything from wildlife to water sports to night photography to ... tags: birminghamcanadageesecootcountrywalksducklingsducksedgbastonreservoir

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ann Coulter fell and broke her jaw!!!!

Crazy right-wing nut Ann Coulter fell down and broke jaw and has to have her mouth wired shut. We finalling know how to sut her mouth is a ... tags: AnnBillbreakingbrokencootCoultercrazy

Why I Enjoy Hunting in High Definition

Why I Enjoy Hunting Why Enjoy Hunting Pintails Pin Tails Ducks Deer White Crane Red Hawk Canadian Geese Goose Nutria Nutrient Coot Blue ... tags: awesomebluecamo4x4scanadiancootcranedeer