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Panama Canal expansion contractors in strike threat over pay dispute

The Spanish-led consortium working on a giant project to expand the Panama Canal is threatening to suspend the operation if its demands for ... tags: CanalcontractorsdisputeexpansionoverPanamapay

Contractors left with unskilled workforce in California

After a five-year recession, the real estate market in California is making a comeback -- but with a big challenge. Contractors can't seem ...

Furlough hurts small businesses with government contracts

Each day, the U.S. government does about 1.4 billion of business with U.S. contractors. Bill Whitaker reports on one California company ...

Lawsuit alleges Apple shortchanges store workers

Apple is facing accusations of shortchanging thousands of employees who haven't been getting paid while being forced to wait in line to ... tags: AppleComputingcontractorsCupertinoIOSlower-paidSmartphones

Private contractors' deepening reach in US intelligence

The man nominated to be the next US director of national intelligence has defended the role of private contractors in the intelligence ... tags: americasnewsarticlecontractorsintelligencenationalpostprivate

Israel 'outsourcing' the occupation

Concern is growing among Palestinians in the occupied West Bank as Israel steps up its use of private security contractors to patrol ... tags: alaljazeerabankcontractorsisraeljazeeraoccupied

Questions over US contractors role in war zones

US troops numbers have increased since President Barrack Obama took office. But they are still outnumbered by private companies that have ... tags: AckermanalBarrackcontractorsenglishjazeeraObama

Bat Infestation

Upon re-tiling the roof of this Miami home, workers discovered that bats had turned it into a bat orgy. tags: companiescompanycontractorcontractorsmiamirepairroof

"End of Combat" Sees Surge of Contractors

In Iraq, US combat operations were supposed to have ended as some of the troops were withdrawn from the country. But in addition to the ... tags: blackwatercontractorsmercenarymilitaryprivatewithdrawal