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A Primary School Space Program

A Primary School Space ProgramMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceEben will share some of the neat stuff they've seen people do with the ... tags: Computationcomputerscomputer_scienceEben_UptonhardwareMaker_FaireNew_York

Brian Cantwell Smith : "The philosophy of computation: meaning, mechanism, mystery"

Brian Cantwell Smith, Professeur l'Universit de Toronto nous propose une introduction sa pense en cho son ouvrage 'On the origin of ... tags: computationComputerInformatiqueMeaningofPhilosophiePhiloWeb

How To Calculate The Area Of A Triangle

If you don't know your maths well or maybe if you don't know how to calculate the area of a triangle, you should learn and study from a ... tags: areacomputationoftriangle

How To Calculate Volatility

In this video from VideoJug, you'll learn the basics of calculating volatility. This will teach you how much fluctuation there is in a data ... tags: calculatecomputationvolatility

Winziger Transistor aus einem Atom

Dies ist der weltweit erste Einzelatom-Transistor der mit atomarer genauigkeit hergestellt wurde. Martin Fueschle, University of New South ... tags: Atom (standard)computationComputercomputingnewofquantum

TEDxWaterloo - Raymond Laflamme - 2/25/10

Raymond Laflamme is originally from Qubec City, where he studied Physics as an undergraduate at the Universit Laval. After surviving Part ... tags: CanadacomputationfieldsIQCLaflammeMorequantum

TEDxWaterloo - Miriah Meyer - Information Visualization for Scientific Discovery

Miriah Meyer is a computer scientist who is changing the way other scientists see the world of data. As a postdoctoral research fellow in ... tags: biologycomputationdatadesigndiscoveryeducationfields

Mod-4 Lec-3 Characteristic of gradually varied flow and its computation

Lecture Series on Hydraulics by Dr.Arup Kumar Sarma, Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit ... tags: and computation flow gradually its of varied

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Youmight also be interested in a journal produced by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory - which is the group which has built some of the things you ... tags: algorithms big-O-notation binary chemistry classes computation computer