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Alien cat communicates with clicks

This just in by Morse code quotI want to eat, kill, or steal what ever is in your handsiumlraquoiquest human.quot Dolphin Delegate has no ... tags: alienanimalcatclickscommunicatefunny

Humpback whales communicate through sound without vocal chords

Marine biologist Nan Hauser has studied humpback whales extensively in the South Pacific. She explains to Scott Pelley on this Sunday's '60 ...

FCC says OK to use tablets, readers on planes

Should passengers be allowed to use electronic devices during takeoff and landing The FCC says yes, and is urging the FAA too allow the use ...

Wild Apes Communicate Their Travel Plans for Tomorrow

Anthropologists studied wild orangutans in the Sumatran swamplands and found that, besides remembering the past and planning for the ...

Woman Communicates With Coyotes

This woman comes up with a pretty unique way to communicate with a coyote pack. Apparently all you need is a saw and bow. Watch more videos ... tags: animalbowcommunicatecoolcoyotesgirlsaw

How To Communicate Effectively

An expert in the field of public speaking explains the skills required to be an effective communicator. Surprisingly, the gift of gab is ... tags: communicatecommunicationeffectiveeffectivelypublicspeaking

Canine conversation

Dog tries to communicate with a toy dog. tags: 03709barkcommunicateconversationdogDogsfunny

Russian prison allows 'virtual visits'

Families of prisoners in Siberia are using web cameras to communicate with their families and friends. It's the first instance in Russia ... tags: communicatefamiliesfriendsprisonrelativesRussianSiberia

Pittsburgh canoer embarking on journey with man's best friend at his side

A Pittsburgh man will embark on the adventure of a lifetime this Saturday when he travels 1,000 miles down the Ohio River to Cairo, Ill., ... tags: ChallengeCommunicateDavidFitzgeraldHurtOhioPittsburgh

Plants Communicate Using Underground Fungi

Plants can communicate using underground fungi.Plants have their own ways of communicating. Researchers in the United Kingdom have recently ... tags: communicateCulturefungigeneralKnowledgenewsplants