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Old Spice Commercial is Terrifying and Genius at Same Time

You don't have to wait until the Super Bowl to catch some of the funniest TV commercials. A new spot for 'Old Spice' is going viral. Leigh ... tags: Buzz60CologneLeigh_Schepsmens_colognemom_songOld_Spice_cologne_commercialOld_Spice_commercial

But tir dans le dos Jens Fischer - Bundesliga Handball Köln

But tir dans le dos Jens Fischer - Bundesliga Handball Kln tags: AllemagnebundeslgaCologneHandball

Video of the day | Tall and proud

It took seven centuries to build Cologne's outstanding cultural and religious landmark. Today,Cologne Cathedral still testifies to the ... tags: CathedralCologneDayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermany

Arts.21 | World Cultural Heritage

Dresden wants to stay on the prestigious list of world cultural heritage sites. On June 23rd UNESCO's World Heritage Committee will meet in ... tags: ArtArtscathedralcologneCultureDeutscheDeutschland

Discover Germany | My ... Rhine

If you ever have the chance to visit Germany,let us know. Like Gertraut McLaren from Canada,we'll join you and look forward to your report ... tags: amadeuscologneDeutscheDeutschlandDiscoverDW-TVGermany

Video of the day | Isa Genzken's Artistic Cornucopia

Two years ago,Isa Genzken fascinated visitors at the Venice Biennale with her cabinet of curiosities featuring trolley bags with cat ... tags: ColognedayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGenzkenGermany

Arts.21 | Isa Genzken's Artistic Cornucopia

Trolley bags with cat posters and astronauts under the covers. Two years ago Isa Genzken fascinated visitors at the Venice Biennale. Now ... tags: 21__ArtArtsCologneCultureDeutscheDeutschland

Tomorrow Today | tomorrow's doping substance

Mario Thevis is a doping researcher. The 35-year-old Professor for Biochemistry works at the German Sport University in Cologne and is one ... tags: cologneDeutscheDeutschlanddopingDW-TVGermanyInformation

Tomorrow Today | Talent Scouting

How can one know whether a young person has what it takes to be a high-performance athlete And what characterizes a good ... tags: athleteCollegeCologneDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermany

Video of the day | Investigating the human body

Science could some day advance enough to allow for the development of human spare parts. But first,scientists need to understand why organs ... tags: bodycologneDayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermany

Video of the day | For arts sake

While most people associate art restoration with centuries-old masterpieces,Kathrin Kessler specializes in preserving modern works made ... tags: artsCologneDayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermany

Recommended - Cologne | Discover Germany

Pastor Hans Mrtter shows us his favorite places in Cologne the Romanesque Church of St. Ursula,the panorama view from the KlnTriangle ... tags: CologneDeutscheDiscoverDW-TVGermanyRecommendedTravel