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How to make the White Lady cocktail

There are a few different recipes with the name 'White Lady.' Many of them are by Harry MacElhone, who created the drink in 1919. Here, ... tags: cocktailscointreaugin_recipeshowdinihow_tolemon_juicerobert_hess

Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese Answers Social Media Questions

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese answers questions from fans delivered via social media.

Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese Discusses Her Love Life and Fashion Inspirations

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese discusses her love life and some inspirations for her fashion sense.

La valeur du SRD à suivre : Rémy Cointreau

13/06/2012 Un bon cru pour le groupe de spiritueux Rmy Cointreau, qui affiche des rsultats 2011-2012 en hausse, grce notamment lengouement ... tags: boursecognaccointreauFR0000130395NYFPnyfpbourse24tvnyfpbourseeurope

How To Barrel Age Your Own Cocktails At Home

Robert Haynes-Peterson headed over to The Beagle in Manhattan's lower east side to find out about barrel aging. We took a look at Bespoke ... tags: agingalcoholbarrelbespokecointreaudeshlerhow

Les banques centrales face à la crise

Si les politiques des banques centrales des pays occidentaux restent au centre des proccupations, il ne faut pas occulter les actions de ... tags: cointreaudettefr0000130395fretayhalnainterviewisaure

La valeur du SRD à suivre: Remy Cointreau

24/07/2012 Le producteur de cognacs et de spiriteux Remy Cointreau a achet le producteur de whisky Bruidladdich pour 58 millions de livres ... tags: cognaccointreauFagnartFR0000130395jointnyfpbourse24tvPierre

Dans la cuisine de Club Poker Radio avec Raphaël Brunis et du Cointreau flambé

Une vido Club Poker Dans la cuisine de Club Poker Radio avec Raphal Brunis, invit de l'mission, Comanche, Skip, Grgoire, Favel-As et du ... tags: BrunisClubCointreauflambéPokerRadioRaphael

How To Make A Banana Daiquiri

Banana Daiquiri recipe. Up until now, the strawberry daiquiri has hogged the spotlight - now try this banana version for a pleasant change tags: bananacocktailCointreaudaiquiri

How To Make An Apricot Lady Cocktail

Apricot Lady Cocktail. Who wouldn't want a fruity lady With this cocktail, you get that and more with its warm colours and sumptuous ... tags: brandyCointreaujuicelemonold-fashionedorangerum

How To Make A Passionatiba Cocktail

Passionate Cocktail. A zesty, sugary, sweet kind of cocktail that may remind you of your first date If you like raspberries and cachaha ... tags: cachaçaCointreaulimemuddleshakesugar

How To Make A Tropical Rainstorm Cocktail

Tropical Rainstorm Cocktail. A tropical cocktail made with rum and hints of orange, lemon and cherry. Rum, Cherry Liqueur and a dash of ... tags: cherrycocktailCointreaudarkglassjuicelemon