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Impress Everyone with this BADASS Coin Trick! - Scam School

Magician Marcus Eddie is back with a simple coin trick that will have you labeled as a sorcerer.

Coin Paddle

A plastic paddle continuously gathers coins from nowhere.

Coin in Clear Frame

A coin is securely enclosed between two clear sheets. When covered fr a moment, the coin becomes free of its prison. All items can be ...

How to Master the Coin Flip Trick

A how to video on How To Master The Coin Flip Trick that will improve your coin tricks skills. Learn how to get good at coin tricks from ... tags: Arts_Magicchristian_leeCoincoin_flippingcoin_trickFlipflip_tricks

Joshua Jay's Bending Metal Magic Trick

Inspired by the bending spoon, Alexander Noyes and Cambio staffers offer their own coins to Joshua to be bent. tags: a114Arts_MagicBendingcambioshortscoin_trickJay'sJays

How To Perform The Ancient Magic Trick Ing Ping Ching

Have you ever wanted to get good at card tricks. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Perform The Ancient Magic Trick Ing ... tags: andcard_gamecoin_trickLeisureLifemagicshuffling

How To Perform The Coin Flip Trick

Perform The Coin Flip Trick. This trick will make you look like a master magician down the pub. Christian Lee shows us how it's done. tags: andChristian_Leecoin_flippingcoin_trickflip_tricksLeisureLife

How To Do The Ing Ping Ching Magic Trick

Renowned magician David Zanthor, astounds you with the ancient art of Ing Ping Ching. Watch this VideoJug video to find out how this is ... tags: andcard_gamecoin_trickLeisureLifemagicshuffling