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Guest post: Sex-positive feminism vs. anti-pornography feminism

A guest video from Heather. Video transcript Follow me tags: acceptanceagencyanti-pornographycoercionconsentempowermentequality

Warren Buffett Should Donate to Pay Off the National Debt

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sr., and other wealthy left-leaning businessmen should not agitate for higher taxes on the rich. Mr. Stolyarov ... tags: billbuffettbusinessclasscoercioncreationdebt

Journey's Deen Castronovo Arrested for Assault

The rock drummer was arrested last weekend in Oregon for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, coercion, criminal mischief and harassment tags: arrestedassaultingbustedCastronovoCelebrity_and_GossipcoercionDeen

donation appeal

We at Pro-Life Revolution are determined to expose the violence against pregnant women in America. Please, partner with us and help us ... tags: abortionabusechoicecoerciondomestic violenceillegalinjustice

The Atheist Experience #607 (full episode)

From the archive The Atheist Experience 607 of May 31, 2009, with Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris. This was the last show before the ... tags: 607 atheism Atheist Atheist Experience Bible blackmail blood

Werner Hamacher. The Kantian Community. 2011

09/21/11 Werner Hamacher, literary theorist and philosopher, discusses Immanuel Kant's Doctrine of Right. Professor Hamacher explores ... tags: coercion community contract doctrine EGS european exchange

Introduction to Anti-Statism: What Is The State?

The State is a group of people having a monopoly on force - violence.What do I mean by this I mean that this group has a one-sided ... tags: coercion cop force gun legit legitimate legitimizing

Medical Marijuana Law, The Brothers Koch, And High Tech Contact Lenses

Medical Marijuana What Will Be Vetoed Governor Gregoire now has a bill on her desk to legalize and license medicalndashmarijuana ... tags: amendmentcitizenscoercionContactcorporationscourtDuty

Religion — The Bad Parent

In this final appendix to the TA series, I present my fundamental problem with religion .... the Parent-Child relationship gone bad.Faith ... tags: AdultbalanceChildcoercionEducationgrowthindoctrination

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Jamal Parris Speaks Out (9/28/10 | Fox5 Atlanta)

STORY LINK For the first time, one of the men filing suit against Bishop Eddie Long is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with FOX 5 ... tags: abuseaddressesandrewAnthonyapologeticsatlantabishop

For The Fatherland

A captivating novel that offers a unique look at young Germans who were recruited into and became enraptured by Hitler's campaign. ... tags: Adolf_HitlerCautionary_TaleCoercionEinsatzgruppenEntertainmentExtraordinary_EvilExtremism