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Al Gore and Ontario Premier Wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne met with former Vice President Al Gore to celebrate plans in Ontario to end the use of coal. Premier Wynne ... tags: Al_GoreBan_CoalClimate_changeClimatologyCoal_PowerEnergyEnergy_conservation

Coal Poses the Real Threat to the Environment

One of the top climate scientists in the world suggests Alberta's oilsands should not be the focus of concern about global warming.Powered ... tags: Canadaclimateclimatologycoalfossilfuelgases

Politics Breaking News: Obama Takes on Power Plants, Keystone as Part of Climate Plan

Obama takes on power plants, Keystone as part of climate plan Republican Senator Rubio says he's now satisfied with U.S. immigration bill ... tags: ActAmericanandCleanClimatologyEnergyHouse

Global Climate Change Research Film Climatology & Weather

This film covers research done in Bermuda by the Langley Research Team from NASA. The footage follows the Global Surface Radiation Budget ... tags: balloonschangeclimateclimatologyenvironmentalgloballangley

Koch-Funded Institute Hopes To Kids To be Climate Change Skeptics

It costs a pretty penny to question the findings of scientific research. Just ask the Heartland Institute and the Koch brothers. An ... tags: ClimateClimate ChangeClimatologyCoalFossil FuelsKoch BrothersKoch Industries

New Climate Change Deal to Succeed Kyoto a Long Shot

What\'s behind the long struggle to reach a new international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases Margaret Warner and The Washington ... tags: AgreementAl GoreClimate changeClimatologyGasGreenhouseGreenhouse Gases

Hot: the Next 50 Years On Earth

Journalist Mark Hertsgaard talks about his research on the science, impacts, and roiling politics of global warming for his latest book, ... tags: academyadaptationagwalternativeatmospherecaliforniacarbon

Why Do Americans Continue to Deny Climate Change?

According to journalist Mark Hertsgaard, the United States remains the only advanced industrial nation still debating the existence of ... tags: academyadaptationagwalternativeatmospherebiasbiased

the Six Learnings curricular design framework for fictive worlds and virtual environments

this is a video illustrating each dimension of the Six Learnings framework for curricular design in fictive worlds and virtual ... tags: astronomy climatology curriculum design earth education Elevator

Why is it important for me to know about global warming and the environment?: Global Warming Basics

Why is it important for me to know about global warming and the environment Michael Oppenheimer Professor, Princeton University tags: andclimate_changeclimatologyLeisureLife