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South Africa - The Rea Vaya Express Bus System | Global 3000

Traffic congestion is a perennial problem in Johannesburg. One solution could be Rea Vaya, the first public bus rapid transit system, the ... tags: busclimate_protectiondeutsche_welleglobalizationglobal_3000johannesburgrea_vaya

Bosnia: Green loans for energy efficiency | Global 3000

Bosnia has plenty of potential for energy savings. Industry uses far more energy than necessary and most private homes are too busy making ... tags: bosniaclimateclimate_protectiondeutsche_welleenergyenergy_efficiencyglobalization

Saving the Last Wild Coffee Forests | Global 3000

It took years of campaigning, but in 2010, Ethiopia's wild coffee forests at last gained protected status as the UNESCO Kafa Coffee ... tags: climate_changeclimate_protectiondeutsche_welleglobalizationglobal_3000ideasforacoolerworldkafa

Philippines: Trees vs. Farmland | Global 3000

Sixty percent of the Philippines was once covered with rainforest today less than a third remains. The decline is in part due to the demand ... tags: climate_protectiondeutsche_wellefarmlandglobalizationglobal_3000global_ideasphilippines

India's Endangered Paradise | Global 3000

The Indian state of Goa's economy depends on its beaches, which attract millions of tourists every year. Vacationers want clean beaches and ... tags: climate_protectiondeutsche_welleenvironmental_instructionglobalizationglobal_3000india

Products with Pandas | Made in Germany

When it comes to ecological and sustainable shopping, supermarkets have long foisted responsibility onto manufacturers. Edeka, the biggest ...

Rain Forest and Climate Protection in the Congo Basin | Global 3000

The climate of central Africa is determined in the seemingly endless forests of the Congo Basin. The region in the heart of Africa has been ...

Thailand - Climate Protection Through Energy Efficiency | Global 3000

Thailand needs ever more energy for its industry. It already imports up to 10 percent of its electricity. The growth of industry is ...

Climate Protection on the Philippines: Affordable Solar Lamps | Global 3000

Many villages on the island of Mindoro have no lighting at night, because theres no electricity. Generators used to create power and light ...

From Anti-Nuclear Activists to Solar Pioneers | Made in Germany

In 1979 a group of anti-nuclear activists set up a company for solar technology. Solartechnikfirma Wagner

Climate Protection: Eco-Loans in Serbia | Global 3000

Serbia's energy sector is in urgent need of modernization. Demand is rising, but there is still far too much waste from ageing power lines. ...

From Anti-Nuclear Activists to Solar Pioneers: Wagner & Co Solartechnik

In 1979 a group of anti-nuclear activists set up a company for solar technology. Solartechnikfirma Wagner Co now has a 350-strong ... tags: BusinessCareersclimate_protectionEntrepreneurInvestingMade_in_GermanyManagement_Marketing