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2011-10-02 Climate change debate? Pity about the science

Barry Jones was Minister for Science in Bob Hawke's government and is a Fellow of all four of Australia's Learned Academies. Today he ... tags: Barry_Jonescarbon_dioxideCarbon_Taxclimate_changeclimate_change_debateclimate_sciencecoa

'Never mind the heat, climate change is hoax by gravy-train scientists'

Russia's deadly wildfires, the smog-filled cities and poor harvest, are being seen by some environmentalists as signs of man-made climate ... tags: climate_change_debateCopenhagen_Summitfires_Russia_Moscowglobal_warming_hoaxhot_weather_RussiaMoscow_heatMoscow_smoke_smog

Ice Break: Top scientist resigns over 'Climate Hoax' scandal

A scientist at the centre of a 'Climategate' row has stepped down from his post as research director at the University of East Anglia in ... tags: Al_GoreClimategateclimate_changeclimate_change_debateClimate_change_fraudCopenhagen_climate_summitEast_Anglia

'Climategate' rap battle: Gore No More, Don't buy his Lie

The upcoming UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen is causing a storm before it's even started. Skeptics who claim man-made global ... tags: Al_GoreClimategateclimate_changeclimate_change_debateClimate_change_fraudCopenhagen_climate_summitemail

Hot Tricks: Climate change we can't believe in?

Copenhagen is preparing to host experts and world leaders next month to discuss how to prevent climate change. But while they'll be looking ... tags: Aleksey_KokorinClimategateclimate_changeclimate_change_debateClimate_change_fraudemailGlobal_warming

'Global Warming bogus, Ice Age approaching'

Copenhagen is preparing to host experts and world leaders next month to discuss how to prevent climate change and global warming. But while ... tags: Climategateclimate_change_debateclimate_change_emailClimate_change_fraudGlobal_warmingGlobal_warming_conspiracyglobal_warming_lies

Global Warning: Leaked 'Climate Fraud' emails under probe

Hackers have tried to prove that global warming researchers are manipulating their data, after stealing sensitive e-mails from one of the ... tags: Climategateclimate_change_debateclimate_change_emailClimate_change_fraudGlobal_warmingGlobal_warming_conspiracyglobal_warming_lies