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Geoduck Festival

Kndash12 Cuts Washington state's next twondashyear budget cuts about 2 billion from education funding. Most of the cuts hit programs in ... tags: AllynAudienceBoardCliff_MassContentCutsDeborah

A Conversation With Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster

Academy Award winner Jodie Foster has appeared in nearly 40 films and directed three. She both stars in and directs her latest, quotThe ... tags: Academy_AwardsActingactresscliff_massfilmHollywoodJodie_Foster

Chief Leschi And Governor Stevens

In the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854, local tribes including the Nisqually and Puyallup gave up over 2.4 million acres in exchange for ... tags: bittercliff_masscreekfirst_nationIndianmedicinenative

The Wrong War: Perspectives On Afghanistan With Bing West

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West calls the war in Afghanistan quotthe wrong war.quot He says we're fighting the wrong people ... tags: AfghanistanBing_Westcliff_masscounterinsurgencyembeddedmarinesNews_Politics

Cliff Mass: Let It Snow

In Seattle, a few inches of snow inspire words like quotsnowpocalypse.quot But just up the road, Mount Baker holds the world record for ... tags: atmosphereCliff_massjenny_asarnowmeteorologyNews_Politicssnowsnowpocalypse

Writer David Rakoff Explains 'Defensive Pessimism'

An optimist would look at a difficult situation and say The glass is half full. David Rakoff might say the glass is half empty mdash before ... tags: cliff_masscomfortabledavid_rakofffraudhalf_emptyNews_Politicspessimism

Summer Music

The Capitol Hill Block Party starts tonight and Bumbershoot is right around the corner. Has Seattle become a mecca for music again There's ... tags: blockbumbershootcapitolCliff_MasshillJosh_PowellLarry_Mizell

Sebastian Junger's 'WAR': Experiencing Combat In Afghanistan

Imagine you are a soldier stationed at the United States Military Korengal Outpost, the most dangerous military location in Afghanistan. ... tags: 9_11AfghanistanCliff_MasscombatNews_PoliticsSebastian_JungerSeptember_11

Bird Behavior That's Strictly For The Birds

Imagine a flock of birds. Are they all likeminded or are they individual personalities What about the chickens in your yard, your pet ... tags: birdsbird_behaviorbird_personalitiesbird_traitsBrenda_PetersonCliff_MassNews_Politics

Being An Underage Prostitute: First Hand Stories And How A New Life Can Begin

Have you heard of a quotchoosey Suziequot or a quotwifendashinndashlawquot Do you know what being quotin pocketquot is Thousands of ... tags: cliff_massJoanna_wardNews_PoliticsNoelprostitutionRaqueltrafficking

Health Care Reconciliation

President Obama has said it's time to get health care passed. Can the Democrats use reconciliation to pass legislation without help from ... tags: Aaron_Katzcliff_masshealth_careinsuranceKaren_Keisermedicaidmedicare

Fingerstyle Guitar Legend Leo Kottke

Leo Kottke created a whole new sound for the guitar. When his album quot6 and 12 String Guitarquot came out in 1969, it revolutionized the ... tags: Cliff_Masscotkeyfingerstyleguitarkotkekotkeyleo_kottke