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Assad meets Lebanese clerics in Damascus

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met a delegation of clerics from Lebanon's Coalition of Muslim ... tags: clericsCutDamascusdelegationfromLebaneseMuslim

Uganda Opposition calls for Investigation into deaths of Muslim Clerics

Ugandas parliamentary opposition is frustrated with deaths of several Muslim clerics across the East African country. The clerics ... tags: AfricaClericsdeathMuslimUganda

Tehran warns opposition protesters - 02 Jan 10

Iran's leading religious leaders have issued another warning to the country's opposition supporters to halt their anti-government ... tags: ahmadinejadalaljazeeraclericsiranjazeeramousavi

Muslim Clerics Kicked Off Flight

The pilot of a Delta Airlines flight removed two Muslim clerics tying to travel to a conference on Islamaphobia. tags: americanclericsclothingmultisourcemuslimnationalnews

Toddler found walking streets, father arrested

A 3-year-old boy is with his grandparents tonight after police found his dad sleeping and stoned at home. tags: clericsEric_Bungefather_arrestedIrvington_and_Byronkmtr_top_local_storieslittle_boyLocal

Reza Aslan - Who's Really in Charge of Iran?

Complete video at commentator Reza Aslan argues that while President Obama handled the election protests in Iran 'perfectly,' the situation ... tags: ayatollahclericsgovernmentgreensiraniraniansleft

Iran opposition protesters rally at cleric's funeral

Thousands of Iranians attending the funeral march for Iran's top dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri on Monday shouting ... tags: cleric'sfuneralIranoppositionprotestersrally

A Closer Look

A Closer Look Some U.S. clerics have told Jordan's king that Christian Zionists are hindering efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian ... tags: AmericaareBishopChristianChurchclericsCloser

JKA3 Moves 34 @ Robin Hood's Nest

music Nina Simone - Feeling Good clerics jedi knight hints academy glitches glitch Added February 27, 2009 tags: academyclericsglitchglitcheshintsjediknight

Who Lost Afghanistan?

When President Barack Obama ordered 17,000 more U.S. troops into Afghanistan last week, reactions I saw on both the left and the right left ... tags: 2008Afghanistanairal-QaedaBarackbillchayes

Carnage at cleric's funeral

A suicide bomber has killed at least 20 people during a funeral procession in north western Pakistan. BBC News Carnage at ... tags: BBCCarnageclericsfuneralNews