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Ausgerechnet Bulgarien

BULGARIA OF ALL PLACES by Christo Bakalski portrays the family history of German writer Angelika Schrobsdorff, who fled Berlin for Bulgaria ... tags: arsenalbakalskiberlinchristoDokumentarfilmGeschichtehistory

Eastern Plays Bande Annonce (trailer)

Film de Kamen Kalev, Bulgarie.SYNOPSIS Itso a pris ses distances avec ses parents jusquau jour o il secourt une famille turque, agresse par ... tags: ChristoChristovEasternIsilKalevKamenOvanes

Christo a Milano. Nel 2011 una mostra; ma un'altra opera?

Milano. Parla ancora al plurale a volte Christo, l'impacchettatore del mondo che ha incontrato i suoi fan oggi a Palazzo Reale. Il 'noi' a ... tags: 2010artechristomilanomostranewsnotizie

Christo and Jeanne Claude: Interview with Christo at Fondation Beyeler

Interview with Christo on the occasion of his lecture 8220Christo and Jeanne-Claude Work in Progress8221 at Fondation Beyeler. In this ... tags: andartBaselChristoClaudeinterviewJeanne

Romain et Clément "montée Kivilev"2011

Comme quoi mme un ancien peut s'entendre avec des jeunes, voici Romain et Clment Desgoutte deux frres au dpart de la course contre la ... tags: ......SouvenirAndreïChristoClémentcyclismeJarezKivilev

Tourist Trap

The Beach 2000 - Tourist Trap - The guards find a group of American tourists in the marijuana fields and shoot them dead, while Richard ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Richard's Worldview

The Beach 2000 - Richard's Worldview - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio explains his motivations for traveling adventures as he arrives in Bangkok ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Photographing the Night Sky

The Beach 2000 - Photographing the Night Sky - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio and Francoise Virginie Ledoyen sit on the beach flirting and ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Richard's Hallucination

The Beach 2000 - Richard's Hallucination - Alone in the jungle, Richard Leonardo DiCaprio eats a caterpillar and hallucinates that he joins ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

The Unloaded Gun Backfires

The Beach 2000 - The Unloaded Gun Backfires - To the dismay of the other travelers, Sal Tilda Swinton shows her willingness to shoot ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet