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Chris-cooper Videos - 4 by Popular

American Beauty - Trailer #1

American Beauty 1999 - Trailer 1 - Lester Burnham8217s Kevin Spacey world and family begin to unravel as he suffers a mid-life crisis. tags: Allison_JanneyAmber_SmithAngela_HayesAnnette_BeningAra_CeliBarbara_FittsBarry_Del_Sherman

Before This War is Over

The Patriot 2000 - Before This War is Over - During a peaceful prisoner exchange, Benjamin Mel Gibson recognizes Col. Tavington Jason ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

How Do You Know Doug?

The Town 2010 - How Do You Know Doug - Agent Frawley Jon Hamm coerces Krista Blake Lively to snitch on Doug by bringing up her drug dealing. tags: Adam_FrawleyBeacon_G.I._Joe_DriverBen_AffleckBlake_LivelyBrian_ScannellChris_CooperClaire

Amigo - Trailer #1

Amigo 2010 - Trailer 1 - A fictional account of events during the Philippine-American War. tags: AlbayBembol_RocoBill_TangradiBrian_Lee_FranklinChris_CooperCol._HardacreCorazon

Benjamin Fights Tavington

The Patriot 2000 - Benjamin Fights Tavington - As the battlefield erupts around them, Benjamin Mel Gibson and Tavington Jason Isaacs eye ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

My Sons Were Better Men

The Patriot 2000 - My Sons Were Better Men - Benjamin Mel Gibson gets his revenge on Tavington John Isaacs, killing him, and watching the ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

The War Ends Today

The Patriot 2000 - The War Ends Today - To trick the British forces on the battlefield, the militia retreats over the hill where the ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

The Patriot - Trailer #1

The Patriot 2000 - Trailer 1 - An American is swept into the Revolutionary War when his family is threatened. tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

A Call for Militia

The Patriot 2000 - A Call for Militia - Gabriel Heath Ledger stops at a church to recruit more men for the militia, but it is Anne Lisa ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

Tomahawk Massacre

The Patriot 2000 - Tomahawk Massacre - Benjamin Mel Gibson, with the help of two of his sons, massacres a number of British soldiers to ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

No Retreat!

The Patriot 2000 - No Retreat - As the Colonial army begins to retreat, Benjamin Mel Gibson assumes the flag to inspire the soldiers to ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell

Papa Don't Go

The Patriot 2000 - Papa Don't Go - Susan Skye Bartusiak runs after her father Mel Gibson begging him to not leave the family again to go ... tags: Adam_BaldwinAnne_HowardBenjamin_MartinCapt._WilkinsCharlotte_SeltonChris_CooperCol._Harry_Burwell