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Original Progressive Metal/Ambient Instrumental Song Idea Trailer 2012 [HD]

Another crappy demo that I recorded of a song I wrote a few days ago and decided to show you guys. I love the Asian sound that's ... tags: 20122k12AmbientAnimals as LeadersAsian TempleBTBAMChimp Spanner

Original Progressive Rock/Ambient Song Idea Trailer [HD]

INFORMATIVE DESCRIPTION IS INFORMATIVE Thought I'd share a song intro for a long song that I'm working on. My idea for this song is for it ... tags: 91AddictedambidjentAmbientandAndromedaAnimals as Leaders

CHIMP SPANNER - Dark Age Of Technology (Official Audio - Basick Records)

metal multi-instrumental virtuoso Paul Antonio Ortiz, aka Chimp Spanner, will be further raising the bar of the sonically epic with the ... tags: (OfficialaliasesAll Roads Lead Hereanimals as leadersAudioBasickBasick Records

ESP LTD H-51 Open B Tuning Solo - "Pending Damnation" Original Progressive Metal Solo Playthrough

READ ME Thought I would give you guys a tiny spoiler on what I'm been up to the last month. Been mixing the EP and while doing so, I was ... tags: ambient Animals as Leaders arpeggios blues damnation Devin Townsend djent

Chimp Spanner - Bad Code (Guitar Solo Cover)[HD]

My solo cover of this epic win of a song. I tabbed this out by ear which took a couple hours and several more to get it down, sorry for any ... tags: 7 String Guitar Animals as Leaders At the Dreams Edge Bad Code Bulb cover England

Schecter Omen 8 String Guitar (Walnut Satin): Groove/Djent/Extreme Metal Riff Idea

This is the third I did this video. The first two times I had some audio problems from uploading. Third time is the lucky charm I guess. I ... tags: Alternative Metal Animals as Leaders Black Metal C-8 Chimp Spanner Damien Death Metal

Schecter Omen Extreme 7: Progressive Metal/Fusion Lead Riff Idea

Just thought I'd share a riff idea I came up with a few days ago. It's still in the works and I'll definitely be using it on a future ... tags: 91Animals as LeadersBlotted ScienceBulbChimp SpannerDeftonesDevin Townsend