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Child Labor Videos by Popular

The Curse of the Diamond - Battling Child Labor and Corruption | Global 3000

In the Northern Indian municipality of Panna, day laborers and children do back-breaking work in diamond mines. Human rights activist ... tags: child_laborcorruptiondeutsche_wellediamondsglobalizationglobal_3000India

Demanding Boss, Kid Worker

Would you confront a boss who won't let his very young employee take a break tags: angry_bosschild_labordemanding_bossDo?John_Quinoneskid_workerWhat

Capitalism 03 - The Industrial Revolution, Women and Children

\n \n Socialists condemn the factory system of the Industrial revolution for lowering the living standards of workers and for ... tags: CapitalismChildrenChild_LaborDeathDeath_RatesExploitationFactory

Yossi Vardi on Exploiting Child Labor

In this Keen On episode, Israeli investor Yossi Vardi discusses why he likes to exploit child labor. tags: Andrew_KeenChildchild_laborExploitingexploiting_child_laborinvesting_tipsisraeli_investors

Takeaway Listeners on Their Experiences as Working Children

Earlier this month, Newt Gingrich made a lot of headlines with his thoughts on child labor laws and his policy proposal to allow children ... tags: analysisbbcchild_laborconversationearlyeconomyeducation

Ag groups critical of proposed child labor regs

A coalition of Nebraska ag groups has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Labor expressing their opposition to the proposed changes in ... tags: Ag_Youthchild_laborEvents_OrganizationsFFAIowaNebraskaNews

Nestle to Act Against Child Labour

Global food giant Nestle says it has taken a major step to end child labour on cocoa farms supplying its factories. tags: ActAgainstbbc_newsBBC_WorldwideChildchild_laborchild_labour

Child labor proposal could impact detasseling

Across the U.S., each summer, tens of thousands of rural youth are involved in seed corn detasselingsome as young as 12 years old.That ... tags: AgribusinessAg_Youthchild_laborCornCropsEvents_OrganizationsNews

Trailer for "Incredible Adventure of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila)"

Trailer for 'Incredible Adv... 202 Official trailer for the action packed, child labor filled epic, 'The Incredible Adventure of Jojo ... tags: AdventureAnn-MarieAvilaBrianchild_laborClean_Comedycrazy_stunts