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Japan factory blast kills five

An explosion at a Mitsubishi plant in central Japan has left at least five people dead and injured 17 others.The factory in Yokkaichi City ... tags: blastChemicalsExplosionfactoryfiveJapankills

Boosting exports through networking

Trade in the European single market represents over 20 percent of the EUs GDP. However only a quarter of the blocs 20 million SMEs Small ... tags: BoostingBusinessChemicalsEconomyEuropean_economyEuropean_Unionexports

Mission to destroy Syria chemical weapons underway

The mission to destroy some of Syrias chemical weapons is underway. Russian trucks will transport the chemicals from sites around Syria to ... tags: chemicalChemicalsDenmarkdestroyMissionSyriaunderway

Syria misses chemical weapons handover deadline

Two Scandinavian escort ships waiting to remove Syrias chemical weapons have returned to Cyprus empty handed.Damascus had agreed to hand ... tags: chemicalChemicalsConflict_in_SyriadeadlinehandovermissesSyria

Scientists Send Text Message Concealed In Evaporated Vodka

Bringing new meaning to 'drunk texting,' scientists have now sent a message encoded in evaporated alcohol. tags: beescatschemicalsexperimentO_Canadascience_newstech_news

UN report: chemical weapons 'likely' to have been used in Syria attacks

UN investigators have concluded that chemical weapons were probably used in five out of seven attacks they examined in Syria.The UN says ... tags: attacksbeenchemicalChemicalshavelikelyreport:

Made in Germany | the Man Making Millions with Bacteria

He turned his love of biology into lots of money. When Holger Zinke left university back in 1996 he founded his own biotechnical firm ... tags: BacteriabiologyBRAINchemicalsDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

The fight against desertification | Tomorrow Today

The Aral Sea was once the worlds fourth largest lake. But for decades the rivers that feed it have been diverted for irrigation. As a ... tags: AralchemicalsdesertDeutschedustDW-TVfertilizers

Destroying the planet | Video of the day

For decades the rivers that fed the Aral Sea were diverted for irrigation. As a result, the world's fourth largest lake shrunk steadily. ... tags: AralchemicalsdaydesertDeutscheDeutschlanddust

The Battle for the Bees -- Are Germany's Bees a Dying Breed? | People

Bees supply us with honey and pollinate flowers. But more and more of them are dying off. Diseases, mold, and mildew -- but also ... tags: beechemicalsdeathdeutsche_wellefarmerhoneyindustry