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Hero Couple

The Dilemma 2011 - Hero Couple - Beth Jennifer Connelly and Nick Kevin James try to convince Ronny Vince Vaghn to dance. tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

Relationship Anxiety

The Dilemma 2011 - Relationship Anxiety - Beth Jennifer Connelly and Ronny Vince Vaughn discuss their maturing relationship. tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

Serious Lady Wood

The Dilemma 2011 - Serious Lady Wood - Dana Queen Latifah uses sexual metaphors to describe her enthusiasm. tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

The Dilemma - Trailer #1

The Dilemma 2011 - Trailer 1 - Ronny Vince Vaughn learns that his best friend8217s Kevin James wife Winona Ryder is having an affair with a ... tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

The Dilemma - Trailer #2

The Dilemma 2011 - Trailer 2 - Ronny Valentine Vince Vaughn finds himself in a predicament when he catches his best friend8217s wife ... tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

The Red Zone

The Dilemma 2011 - The Red Zone - Ronny Vince Vaughn and Nick Kevin James use football terms do describe their business strategy. tags: Amy_MortonBethBurtChanning_TatumChelcie_RossClint_HowardConcept_Car_Spokesmodel

This Is for Rudy, Coach

Rudy 1993 - This Is for Rudy, Coach - Rudy8217s Sean Astin teammates all tell Coach Devine Chelcie Ross that they want Rudy to dress in ... tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg

I've Been Ready for This My Whole Life

Rudy 1993 - I've Been Ready for This My Whole Life - The team wants Rudy Sean Astin to lead them out onto the field for the final game of ... tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg

Rudy Sacks O'Hara

Rudy 1993 - Rudy Sacks O'Hara - When Rudy Sean Astin sacks O8217Hara Vince Vaughn in practice, O8217Hara loses his cool and the coach ... tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg

First Practice

Rudy 1993 - First Practice - Rudy Sean Astin goes to his first Notre Dame football practice where he is pummeled. tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg

Fortune's Truth

Rudy 1993 - Fortune's Truth - When he hears that Rudy Sean Astin has quit, Fortune Charles S. Dutton reveals that years back, he also quit ... tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg

Rudy's Victory

Rudy 1993 - Rudy's Victory - In the final play of the final game, Rudy Sean Astin is given the chance to compete and sacks the quarterback. tags: Charles_S._DuttonChelcie_RossChristopher_ErwinChris_ReedDaniel_"Rudy"_RuettigerDavid_AnspaughDeborah_Wittenberg