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Ron The Zookeeper :: Cartoon Hangover #12

Hey Jerks Welcome to the world of zoology and ecology. Today, we're going green by helping to save the elusive gray panda, with the help of ... tags: animationbaileedesrochercartoonhangoverChannelFrederatordarcyprendergastendangeredspeciesmasturbation

Amazing Hand Drawn Animation! Moonboy #220 Channel ...

This week on the show, Adam Calfee of brings us a beautifully surreal film about a young boy who, trapped by his ... tags: 2DAnimationAdamCalfeeAnimatedAnimationAnimatorsCartoonChannelFrederator

Meatwaffle :: Cartoon Hangover #11

Happy Friday, nerds It's Hangover time and do we have an episode for you Straight from Sundance 2010 Meatwaffle by Leah Shore In this ... tags: BaileeDesRocherCartoonHangoverChannelFrederatorleahshoremeatwafflememoriesstopmotion

The Ricky Gervais Show : Channel Frederator Interview ...

Bobby Miller of Channel Frederator sits down with his friend and ours, Nick Bertonazzi, who just so happens to also be the Art Director on ... tags: animationcartoonChannelFrederatorHannaBarberaHBOKarlPilkingtonNickBertonazzi

Black and White Animation! The Clod #219 Channel Frederator

Oh brother, I'm glad Valentine's day is over. That was stressing me out. Anyways, this week on the show we welcome Jaromir Plachy and his ... tags: AnimatedAnimationAnimatorsBlackAndWhiteCartoonChannelFrederatorContest

Happy Valentines Day! "My First Crush" :: Cartoon ...

Hey jerks, it's lovin' times and our cartoon is all about VD. Valentine's Day. C'mon It's called 'My First Crush' by Julia Pott. Oh and I ... tags: AnimationBaileeDesRocherCartoonHangoverChannelFrederatorValentineValentineCartoonValentines

Happy Valentines Day, Without Thunder #217 Channel ...

We're kicking off Valentine's week on Channel Frederator with an exclusive animation from Daisy Edwards called 'Without Thunder', a ... tags: AnimationChannelFrederatorIsabellaRosselliniRainRomanceValentineValentineCartoon

The Adventures of Mr. Broose :: Cartoon Hangover #9

It's been a killer week, dorks, so we're taking it out on the world with The Adventures of Mr. Broose by SG Ugh, seriously, I could just ... tags: AdultBaileeDesRocherCartoonHangoverChannelFrederatorgrenadeHardcoreMrBroose

DANCIN' IN ANSON! Electropolis #217 Channel Frederator

Hey FredHeads It's time for another AWESOME cartoon from you animators out there Up this week is the short film 'Electropolis' by Kevin ... tags: animatedanimationanimatorscartoonChannelfrederatorcitycontest

Frog :: Cartoon Hangover #8

Ribbit Ribbit, bishes It's another episode of Cartoon Hangover This week, Chris Confortti shows us just how it's not easy being green with ... tags: BaileeDesRocherCartoonHangoverChannelFrederatorchrisconfortidisasterfroghot

L&R! Left-Brained Larry and Right-Brained Rachel! ...

This week's cartoon is all about left brained and right brained people and the differences between them. It's Called Left Brained Larry and ... tags: animatedanimationanimatorscartoonchannelfrederatorcontestdark

Death Row Diet :: Cartoon Hangover #7

Move your asses, dorks Today is about getting fit We've sat around long enough, drinking our Old Milwaukee and Natty Ice. It's time to work ... tags: BaileeDesRocherCartoonHangoverChannelFrederatordeathrowDrKatzJonathanKatzlawyers