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Changing Diapers Videos by Popular

Newborn Development - Week 3

Feeding and changing remain the top activities for your newborn in week 3. Crying is her only way to communicate, and while you'll learn to ... tags: babybaby_carechanging_diapersdiapersgrowth_spurtinfancyinfancy_week_three

Newborn Development - Week 4

Your newborn baby is probably still sleeping a lot, but week 4 may bring a treat - your baby's first smile, and it'll likely be aimed at ... tags: babychanging_diapersdiapersfirst_month_of_infancyfirst_smilegrowth_spurtinfancy

Newborn Development - Week 6

Week 6 of newborn development is crucial to helping establish a sleep routine. By day, your baby is starting to grab everything, and his ... tags: babybaby_carechanging_diaperscoliccolicky_babydiapersinfancy

Newborn Development - Month 3

At three months of age, your newborn will be an infant A nine week old may start to learn what, and who, she likes, responding differently ... tags: 9_week_old_baby_post-natalbabybaby_9_weeksbaby_careBaby_nine_weekschanging_diapersdiapers

Newborn Development - Month 6

Your six month old is getting ready for big changes, by practicing sitting up and crouching to prepare for crawling. You can probably feed ... tags: 6_month_old_babybabybaby_6_monthsbaby_careBaby_six_monthschanging_diapersdiapers

Dealing With Diapers

Sure, changing a diaper is dirty work, but because it will be a frequent chore you'll get the hang of it quickly. Remember to wash your ... tags: baby_carebaby_diaper_basicsbaby_wipes:_babychanging_diapersdiapers:_health_videodiaper_riashdirty_diapers

How To Breastfeed

Up to 80 of new moms try breastfeeding. It's the tried and true method and as a ready - and free - source of food for your baby, it's an ... tags: baby_carebaby_food:_health_videobaby_growthbreastfeedingbreastfeeding_positions:_babybreast_milkchanging_diapers

How To Solve Common Breastfeeding Problems

Even though breast milk is usually best for your infant, it is not always easy to breastfeed. A few simple breastfeeding tips may be able ... tags: baby_carebaby_foodbaby_formula:_diapersbaby_growthbreastfeeding:_healthbreastfeeding_issuesbreast_milk

Newborn Development - Month 4

Your four month old is probably cooing away, though you might not be able to understand what he's saying. Your baby's first words are still ... tags: 4_month_old_babybabybaby_4_monthsbaby_careBaby_four_monthschanging_diapersdiapers

Newborn Development - Month 5

Your five month old may start to respond to the sound of his name, and that recognition and awareness might extend to your baby's toys or ... tags: 5_month_old_babybabybaby_5_monthsbaby_careBaby_five_monthschanging_diapersdiapers

Newborn Development - Week 8

By the time your baby is eight weeks old, he'll recognize you by sight. Your baby's brain is developing and your infant is interacting with ... tags: babybaby_careBaby_eight_weekschanging_diapersdiaperseight_week_old_babygrowth_spurt

Newborn Development - Week 7

As your baby's senses develop, she'll start reacting in new and different ways to sounds, sights, and even smells. New expressions will ... tags: babybaby_careBaby_seven_weekschanging_diapersdiapersgrowth_spurtinfancy