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Preventive Health Screenings for Women Over 40

Beth Battaglino Cahill, Executive Director of HealthyWomen explains the importance of Preventative Screenings. tags: BreastCervicalCervixDoctorHospitalMedicalMenopause

How to deal with an abnormal pap smear

A pap smear should be part of every woman's annual health exams. But what happens when a routine test returns results that aren't routine ... tags: cancercervicalcervixgynecologistpapscreeningsmear

Considering Cervical Cancer

A PAP test along with vaccination is the most effective was to prevent HPV and cervical cancer. Treatment options for girls and young women ... tags: annual-physicalcancer-causing-strainsCervarixcervical-cancercervixgynecologistHealth-Canada

Understanding HPV

Have you ever heard of HPV, the human papillomavirus Over 50 of sexually active Americans have caught this STD If you're sexually active, ... tags: analbirthcancercervical_cancercervixcondomfuck

When Can You Get Pregnant?

Believe it or not, you can ONLY conceive during your small fertile window, which occurs during each cycle, on the five days before, and the ... tags: become_pregnantbest_times_to_get_pregnantbirthcervixconceiveconceptionconception_advice

Surgical Abortions 101

Pregnant and not ready to be a parent Here are the facts on having a surgical abortion at a doctor's office. tags: abortabortionanesthesiaaspirationbabybleedingcervix

Pregnancy: Cautionary Foods

The truth is that lots of experts disagree about whether certain foods are safe during pregnancy. You should hear both sides of the story ... tags: babycervixdietduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyfoodguru

Female Infertility

When a couple has trouble making a baby together, both partners feel devastated. In this video, we'll look at common causes of female ... tags: become_pregnantbirthcauses_of_female_infertilitycervixconceiveegg:_Healthendometriosis

Your Birthing Plan

Planning how and when your little one comes into the world is a big part of giving birth. Let's look at some common birthing options. tags: amniotic_fluidbirthbirthing_ballbirthing_centerbirthing_locationbirthing_planbirth_canal

Cesarean Section Delivery

Thirty percent of babies born in the United States arrive via cesarean section. Here, we'll explore what you can expect during a c-section. tags: birthbirth_canalcervixcesarean_sectioncesarean_section_deliverycesarean_section_incisioncesarean_section_recovery

Your Feet and a Fetus

Whoa there You expected your belly to bulge, but your feet How can you make pregnancy less difficult on your feet tags: babycervixduring_pregnancyfeetfootguruhealth