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Chambre à cathéter implantable : présentation très détaillée

Cette vido de 7' 30' a t enregistre au service dOncologie multidisciplinaire et innovations thrapeutiques du CHU de Marseille Assistance ... tags: CATHcathéterCCIchambredispositifDVIimplantable

Muslim immigrant claims US discrimination - 4 Jun 09

In his landmark speech in Cairo on Thursday, Barack Obama, the US president, called for a 'new beginning' with the Muslim world. But inside ... tags: BarackCairoCathdiscriminationimmigrantJazeeraMuslim

Argentina's swine flu crisis - 07 July 09

Swine flu has killed sixty people in Argentina, making it the worst hit country in South America. While the exact number of people infected ... tags: aljazeeracathfluh1n1healthswineturner

Avatar could make Oscar history

As Oscar excitment builds in Hollywood where the annual event is set to take place on Sunday, many people are speculating what is in store ... tags: alaljazeeraamericanewsavatarcathhollywoodjames

Haiti protests spread to capital

Protests against the UN peacekeepers in Haiti have spread to the capital, Port-au-Prince.The protesters, in their hundreds, have been ... tags: AljazeeraAmericaamericasnewsAnti-UNCap-HaitenCathJazeera

Intense battle over endangered wolf

An intense battle is being fought over an endangered species in the Northern Rockies region of the United States. The grey wolf is ... tags: alamericaamericasnewscathjazeeraturnerwolves

Horse drug debate in US

There is a renewed debate in the US horse racing industry over the use of lasix.The drug is used to treat internal haemorrhaging in horses, ... tags: alaljazeeraamericasnewscathdrughorsejazeera

Small step on long road to Iran sanctions

The United States has been pushing for fresh UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme, which Western powers say is to build ... tags: aljazeeracathcounciliransanctionssecurityturner

One year after the Lockerbie bomber's release

Al Jazeera's Cath Turner reports from New York on the Libyan Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi one year after his release. tags: AlCathJazeeraTurner

Cholera crisis deepens in Haiti

In Haiti, the deathtoll from the cholera epidemic has now reached 917.And more than 14 thousand others are infected. On Sunday the ... tags: AlJazeeraamericasnewsCathCholeraHaitiJazeeraTurner

Court order allows Wall Street protesters' return to evicted camp

The National Lawyers Guild in New York City has obtained a court order to allow Occupy Wall Street protesters to return to Zuccotti park ... tags: AlaljazeeraCathJazeeraTurner

Developing nations' appeals unheard at UN - 27 Jun 09

More than 140 countries have agreed on a blueprint to respond to the global economic crisis.The paper calls for the inclusion of developing ... tags: cathjazeeranationsturnerunited