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Bullfighting: art, heritage or barbarism? | Video of the day

Animal rights activists are celebrating the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, the first place in mainland Spain to ban the event. They say ... tags: banBullfightingCataloniadayDeutscheDW-TVSpain

The end of bullfighting in Catalonia | European Journal

Every year, thousands of bullfighting aficionados stream into the arenas to see matadors perform. Some call bullfighting an art others say ... tags: banbullfightingbullsCataloniaDeutscheDW-TVEuropa

Catalonia set to be first Spain region to ban circus animals

Catalonia looks set to become the first Spanish region to ban circus acts which use live animals.Many towns there already outlaw the ...

Spain: Catalonia in Crisis | Made in Germany

Now Spain is in the debt-crisis hot seat. Its budget deficit is estimated at 8.9 percent - far higher than the limit demanded by the Troika ...

Mas: "We try to organize a consultation next year"

The president of Catalonia, Artur Mas, said that the catalan government want to organize a consultation for independence, next year.

Human chain for independence in Catalonia

The Spanish region of Catalonia has been celebrating its national day known as La Diada amid demonstrations and renewed calls for ...

Saint-Pierre de Prades

Vido experimentale construite avec les personnages du plus grand retable baroque de Frane et la musique de Daniel Bautista ...

Incredible 8-story human tower

Group from the town of Vilafranca in Catalonia build an incredible 8-story human tower on the roofdeck at 230 Fifth in the heart of New ... tags: CataloniahumantowerVilafrancazoomin

Four French victims of Catalonia forest fires

Four people, all French nationals, have been killed in forest fires raging in the Spanish region of northern Catalonia. Victims include a ... tags: CataloniaeuronewsFiresforestFourFrenchSpain

Debt-stricken Catalonia eyes Spanish bailout aid

Overspending by Spain's 17 autonomous regions is one of the reasons behind the country's economic woes.During a property boom, they raked ... tags: aidbailoutCataloniaCrisisDebt-strickeneuronewseuropa

Catalonia wants 5 billion euros from Madrid

Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia is asking Madrid for just over five billion euros in rescue aid from a central government ... tags: billionCataloniaCrisiseconomyeuronewseurosfrom

Catalonia Wants Its Money Back

Catalonia, considered one of Spain's richest and most stable regions, is not seeking a bailout from Madrid, but just wants the money it ... tags: AnchoBerlinCataloniaGermanyMadridMarioMiguel