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Piranha attack injures more than 70 people in Argentina

An attack by a school of carnivorous fish has injured 70 people bathing in an Argentine river on Wednesday, including seven children who ... tags: AttackCarnivorousDeadlyFishInjuredPalometapeople

Ghastly Sheep-Eating Plant Blooms in UK

The national botanic garden in Whales has been cultivating a horrid, sheep-eating plant for 11 years, and now it's finally about to bloom. ... tags: botaniccarnivorouseatinggardennationalplantpuya

China Finds Bird-linked Dinosaur

Archaeologists in China's Xinjiang region have discovered the fossil of a 160 million-year-old carnivorous dinosaur. Experts believe the ... tags: BirdcarnivorousChinaDinosaurfossilHaplocheirusNDT

Jurassic CSI - Brain vs. Brawn

Visit the National Geographic Channel website Nat Geo takes you inside the brain of a T-Rex. tags: carnivorecarnivorousdinosaurdinosaur videofossilsjurassicJurassic CSI

EARWIG MURDER by Pitcher Plant

The earwig gets all slimed up in the gut of the Nepenthes spathulata. This is how this plant kills prey that happens to fall into it - just ... tags: 01Carnivorecarnivorousdeathearwigepicfail

Can You See Any Size Difference?

It's been last year since you had a chance to see Scrapps again. Any bigger tags: 01carnivorousepicfailkillerownagePets

One Way To Get Rid Of Yellowjackets From The Home.

A Yellowjacket was flying around my living room window so I placed my Sarracenia redheri on the sill and waited. For some reason the damn ... tags: 01carnivorouscontrolepicGardenHome (Glee)Home (TV Channel)

Poor Cephalotus Gonna Freeze

I just can't prevent this terrible white mold from parasitizing my Cephalotus follicularis. It's been getting worse over the years. When I ... tags: 01carnivorousDroseraepicflytrapFreeze (T-Pain Song)Garden

CAUTION!! Wear Lifejackets!

Got my wetland pond filled just in time to settle the carnivorous plants in for their dormancy. Weather is getting cold fast and the plants ... tags: 01awesomecarnivorousCarnivorous PlantepicflytrapOutdoor Sports

CAUTION!! Thin Ice!

The pond is frozen within days of filling with water. The carnivorous plants are now immersed and frozen in place. Snow will cover the ... tags: 01awesomecarnivorousecosystemepicflytrapgarden