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How Peter Skyllberg Survived Two Months In Snow-Covered Car

HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria explores the science of the so-called 'igloo effect.' How did a man survive for two months ... tags: bert_yankielunCarcara_santa_mariacarHowfreezingHibernationHow

How to Get a Car Registration

Driving without a car registration is against the law. If you get a new car, the final step toward making it legal is to register it. tags: CarcarHowcar_registrationemissions_test_resultsGetHowHowcast

How to Get Egg Off Your Car

If the neighborhood kids got back at you for keeping their ball or not giving out Halloween candy by egging your car, quickly clean the ... tags: CarcarHowcar_cleaningcar_cleaning_tipscar_maintenancecleancleaning

How to Get a Used Car from a Charity

Many charities offer cars to help those who have fallen on hard times. Here's how to find a charity that may be able to help you. tags: buyingCarcarHowcarsCharityCharity_Carfind

How To Get a Good Night's Sleep in Your Car

Crashingand by that we mean sleepingin your car can be reasonably comfortable if you know a few tricks. tags: CarcarHowcomfortablyGetGoodHowHowcast

How To Elegantly Enter and Exit a Car

If you're wearing a skirt, getting in and out of a car without showing off more than you intend can be a challenge. Here's how to maintain ... tags: CarcarHowdignitydriving_elegantlyElegantlyelegant_car_entryelegant_car_exit