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Car Maintenance Videos - 4 by Popular

How To Change Your Car's Oil: Part 2

You've checked out Part 1 of the series on and successfully successfully drained the used oil. Now it's time the replace the ... tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenancecarCar'scar_maintenancecar_oil_changecar_oil_maintenancechance

How To Change Your Car's Oil: Part 1

It takes some practice, but you can save cash and earn the satisfaction of a job well done by learning to change your oil on your own. tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenancecarCar'scar_maintenancecar_oil_changecar_oil_maintenancechance

How To Change a Flat Tire

Many people belong to a roadside-assistance service, but if you're stuck in a remote area, you'll want to know what to do. tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenanceCarcar_maintenanceChangechangingchanging_flat_tireFlat

How to Check Your Car's Brake Fluid

When you need to stop your car in a hurry, your brakes need to be functioning at optimum performance. Check your brake fluid when you ... tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenanceBrakecarCar'scar_brake_maintenancecar_maintenanceCheck

How To Change Spark Plugs

The humble spark plug has changed very little over the yearsand changing them is as simple as ever. tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenanceCarcar_maintenanceChangechanging_spark_plugsEngine_MaintenanceHow

How To Change Your Air Filter

To maximize gas mileage and minimize emissions, your air filter should be changed every six months or 15,000 miles. To optimize savings, ... tags: AirAir_Filter_MaintenanceAuto_Repairs_Maintenancebasiccarcar_maintenanceChange

How to Buy a Car Battery

If you're buying a new battery for your car, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right battery for your ... tags: Auto_Repairs_MaintenanceBatteryBuybuyHowbuyingCarcar_battery_maintenance

How To Improve Your Gas Mileage

You know you should carpool and take public transportationits just not always practical. But if you have to drive, there are ways you can ... tags: Auto_Automotiveavoidcar_maintenancedrivedriving_efficientlyefficientlyGas

How To Test an Alternator

Your vehicle's alternator is a vital component because it assists in charging your battery. Test your alternator to make sure your battery ... tags: AlternatorAuto_Repairs_Maintenancecarcar_alternator_maintenancecar_batter_alternatorcar_maintenancechecking_alternator_efficiency