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The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth

There are many crazy places in the world... Here are some of the freakiest. tags: aokigahara_forestbirdscaliccambodiadeathhang_Lake_Natronhotels

WEB NEWS - Cambodia launches crackdown on opposition

In this edition online reports of the violent crackdown on opposition activists in Cambodia coping with the severe cold weather in the US ... tags: buzzCambodiacampaignfrance24hi-techhitechInternet

Cambodia Launches Crackdown on Opposition

In this edition online reports of the violent crackdown on opposition activists in Cambodia coping with the severe cold weather in the US ... tags: CambodiaUnited_States_of_America

Cambodian authorities clash with anti-government demonstrators

Cambodian security guards and city workers dismantled a camp occupied by anti-government demonstrators on Saturday as riot police looked ... tags: authoritiesCambodiaCambodianclashClashes_and_riotsDeathdemonstrators

Factory workers killed in Cambodia in clashes with police

In Cambodia, military police have opened fire on protesters calling for higher wages for clothing factory workers. Five people are now ... tags: CambodiaclashesFactorykilledpoliceProtestwith

Bloody clothes: south-Asian workers revolt

Hard-pressed garment worker demonstrations in Cambodia and Bangladesh veered into deadly riots in Cambodia after two weeks of relatively ... tags: AsiaBangladeshBloodyCambodiaclothes:PovertyProtest

Cambodian garment factory workers killed in strike over low wages

At least three people were killed in Cambodia on Friday when police opened fire on textile factory workers.Human rights workers said ... tags: CambodiaDeathfactorygarmentkilledlowPolice_violence

Cambodian Protest Enters Third Day

The protest against Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's government entered its third day Wednesday.The opposition is continuing to call for ... tags: CambodiaSam_Rainsy

Global 3000 | Global Laws Against Slavery – Interview with S

Although almost all 192 UN member states have ratified the convention to abolishslavery,deceit or the threat of violence still keeps ... tags: 3000CambodiacorruptionCultureDeutscheWelleDeutschlandDWTV

The UN Tribunal in Cambodia | Global 3000

In Cambodia, the surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge have gone on trial for genocide. While former military leaders and Khmer Rouge face ... tags: 3000CambodiaCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

Global Living Rooms: Kong Pisey, Cambodia | Global 3000

Kong Pisey lives in a pagoda in the capital of Cambodia.Whenever he has some free time, he sits at his desk and learns English. He also ... tags: 3000CambodiaCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

German Legal Help for Khmer Rouge Trials | People & Politics

The Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s is considered to have caused the deaths of at least 1.7 million Cambodians - by starvation, disease or ... tags: CambodiaDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanyKhmerPeople