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Foolishly Independant (LD 9; Psalm 33)

As Christians we believe that God created the heavens and the earth. We believe that God also sustains the heavens and the earth. We ... tags: calvincalvinismchristchristianitycontrolcreationdoes

Jesus Came to Save Sinners - Morning Sermon, February 26, 2012

Jesus Came to Save Sinners 1 Timothy 115-16Jesus didn't come to save the righteous - He came to save sinners. No-one is good enough to be ... tags: BibleBiblicalCalvinCalvinismChristianChristianityChurch

You Will Never Perish - Evening Sermon, February 26, 2012

You Will Never Perish John 1028-29We consider the gifts of preservation and perseverence - gifts of the Spirit that God bestows upon all ... tags: BibleBiblicalCalvinCalvinismChristianChristianityChurch

Possibly Escaping God's Judgment (Joel 1:13-20)

The Lord has promised that the champion line will come from the line Judah. In order for this to happen Judah has to remain a tribe in ... tags: calvincalvinismchristchristianitydayexpositoryfor

The Biblical Man and Woman, Part 5 - Discipleship Class, February 22, 2012

The Biblical Man and Woman, Part 5 We look at how godliness should manifest itself in the lives of young men and women.View teaching ... tags: BibleBiblicalCalvinCalvinismChristianChristianityChurch

It Was that Woman YOU Gave Me (LD 3; Genesis 3)

Genesis 3 records for us one of the most tragic days in the world's history. It is the day when man decides what is good for himself. You ... tags: calvincalvinismchristchristianitycreationcursedoes

Living in the Heavenly City of Philadelphia (1 Thessalonians 4:9-12)

The city of Philadelphia is a city that is supposed to mean brotherly love. That is a nice thing to say in itself as it connotes that ... tags: arebrotherlybrotherly_lovecalvincalvinismchristchristianity

Sleeping Until the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Many of us have lost loved ones to death. We know the pain, and we know the grief that comes upon us when we experience such a loss. Paul ... tags: calvincalvinismcanchristchristianitychristsdoes

Judah's Plague (Joel 1:1-12)

The name Joel means Yahweh is God. This is something that is very encouraging to hear, but when we open his prophecy it is not something ... tags: 8th_plaguecalvincalvinismchristchristianitydayeighth_plague

We Have Access to the Father - Evening Sermon, February 19, 2012

We Have Access to the Father Ephesians 218We continue to consider the promises God makes to us if we believe free access to Him. If you had ... tags: BibleBiblicalCalvinCalvinismChristianChristianityChurch

Tell What He Has Done - Morning Sermon, February 19, 2012

Tell What He Has Done Mark 51-20Jesus crossed the Sea to free a man who was demon-possessed, to judge the herdsmen for their sins, and to ... tags: BibleBiblicalCalvinCalvinismChristianChristianityChurch