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SSC (Tenth standard) Algebra chapter 1 :Arithmetic progression and geometric progression exercise

This sum is based on 10th standard Algebra subject maharashtra board textbook sum of Chaper 1.Arithmetic progression and geometric ... tags: 10310thcalculationFindingnumbersSumTenth

How To Calculate Watts

Charles, a teacher from the Maxim workshop, demonstrates 3 ways to calculate Watts. Watts is a measurement of power and he shows us the ... tags: calculationelectricityNewtonpowerwatts

How To Calculate The Median - Grouped Data

This video gives a feeling to the listener that he/she is attending an excellent class. To make things clear, the teacher had brought ... tags: calculationdatagroupedmathmedian

How To Calculate Horsepower

In this VideoJug film, you will be taught all the steps you need to take in order to calculate horsepower. tags: calculationhorsepower

How To Calculate The Mean

This video from the winner of National Lecture Competition in 1989 helps us to easily calculate the mean for a list of data, for a table of ... tags: calculationdatamean

How To Calculate Sq Ft

How To Calculate Square Feet Charles Oshodi, a regular contributor on Video Jug shows you how to handle square feet calculations. Giving ... tags: calculationfeetsquare

How To Calculate Voltage Drop

How To Calculate Voltage Drop If you want to improve your math grades and want some tips for calculating the voltage drop, then you can ... tags: calculationdropequationphysicspotentialvoltage

How To Calculate Surface Area

In this video, Charles, a math teacher, explains the basics of surface area, and then teaches how to easily calculate surface area by using ... tags: areacalculationsurface

How To Divide Polynomials

John, a math teacher, shows viewers how to divide polynomials. In this video, he offers an example to demonstrate how to solve the dividing ... tags: calculationequationmathmathematicsmathsquadratic

How To Calculate Standard Deviation In Excel

Standard deviation is used in research, finance, and statistics. This video shows you how easy it is to use Microsoft Excel to calculate a ... tags: calculationdeviationexcelmicrosoftstandard

How To Calculate Present Value

How to use the present value calculation method in excel to weigh the benefits of prospective investment options. tags: calculationpresentvalue

How To Calculate Revenue

This is a video tutorial for calculation of revenue of a company for a financial year. It shows a step by step process of calculation of ... tags: calculationcompanyrevenue