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Calcium Videos - 2 by Popular

How do calcium and vitamin D affect your health?

It's a given that calcium and vitamin D are important for strong bones. But what are the other benefits Dr. Andrew Weil shares the health ... tags: AndrewBoneCalciumDr.EmpowHERhealthsupplements

RE: Lumps and Bumps in Massage

From How do massage therapists react to feeling lumps on a person Do you tell the client anything The cases I could think of are calcium ... tags: calciumcontraindicatedcontraindicationdepositsgallmassageone

RE: Stone Bruise

From Any helpful hints on getting over a deep bruise on the heel I think it's called a stone bruise Thanks God Bless Ya tags: bruisecalciumdeposithealheelspursstone

Stay Active At Any Age

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine provides tips on how to stay active at any age. tags: ActiveCalciumExerciseGlucosaminemagazineNutritionPrevention

Young Adults and Prehypertension

Young Adults With Prehypertension High blood pressure Are More Likely to Have Coronary Artery Calcium and Atherosclerosis Later in Life. ... tags: allthingssciencecomAmericanAnnalscalciumCollegehealthMedicine

Pure Liquid Oxygen & Chemical Acetylene Torch Film (1922)

This silent film on oxygen gives an interesting in-depth look at the principles and uses of the oxyacetylene torch and shows how liquid ... tags: acetylenecalciumcarbideChemicalelementsliquidmining

Diagnosing Osteoporosis

Just because you break a bone doesn't mean you have osteoporosis Here's how your doctor will determine if you're among the 10 million with ... tags: bone_densitybone_density_testbone_scanbrittle_bonesbroken_bonescalciumdiagnosing_osteoporosis

Chewing Too Much? Our Comedian Talks About his Compulsion

The original 'hyper-chondriac,' author and humorist Brian Frazer on why your mother was right about chewing your food. tags: anatomycalciumHealthhealth_quizskeleton

Why Does Pregnancy Thicken Your Hair?

Why does your hair get thicker when you're pregnant See if this question can stump Dr. Charlotte Grayson. tags: calciumdairyHealthHealth_Quizlow-fat

High-Tech Games to Reduce Stress

Can a game really help you relax These high-tech meditation aids can put you in the right frame of mind. tags: aerobic_exerciseanatomybone_healthcalciumHealthhealth_quizwalking