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How to Build a Legendary Copywriting Career

John Carlton is a force of nature.He8217s that rare breed who can write fascinating copy, and is just as fascinating to listen to. Every ... tags: 30_MinutesAdviceAuthor_RobertBusinessBusiness_TipsChange_CareerCopywriter

How Do I Tell My Brand Story? (Ask Rod, Episode 40)

HP Small Biz editor Rod Kurtz takes reader questions, advising on how to tell a brand story, and how to protect your ideas. tags: Ask_Rodbrandbrand_storyBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_tipsprotect_ideasRod_Kurtz

Negotiating a Salary, from Suze Orman

Suze Orman responds to a question about salary negotiation in a surprising, shrewdly intelligent, and hugely motivating way. tags: Business_Career_Coachingbusiness_tipscareer_tipsMarlo_Thomasnegotiating_a_salarysuze_orman

How to Set Up an LTD Company

LTD is a company legal structure also commonly known as an LLC, or limited liability company. Learn how to register your business as a ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_tipsCompanyDrafting_LTD_FormsHowHowcast

How to Market a Home-Based Business

Market your home based business as if you were a Fortune 500 enterprise. Learn to cover all the bases and focus your efforts to gain the ... tags: AudienceBusinessBusinessHowBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_tipsDefiningDefining_Your_Product

How to Know What's a Business Tax Deduction

Taking tax deductions on business expenses is one of the advantages of being self-employed. As a savvy business owner, you need to know ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Business_TipsBusiness_Related_Expensesbusiness_tipsDeductibleHowDeductionHow

Small Business Tips

- - - TechnTux is planning to start a small multimedia company in the near future, and asked the community for some tips. He wondered what ... tags: blogbusiness-failbusiness-succeedbusiness-tipsbusiness-trickschrispirillogadgets

Promoting Your Business Effectively on Twitter

In this installment of 'Ask Rod,' HuffPost Small Business editor Rod Kurtz takes reader questions about how to effectively promote on ... tags: Ask_RodBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_promotionbusiness_tipshuffpost:small_business_askrodPromotion_on_TwitterTwitter

Preventing the H1N1 Virus at Work

Learn why Swine Flu H1N1 should matter to employers and how they can prevent it. tags: aboutbusiness_tipseffectsfluH1N1h1n1PreventingHealth_Swine_Flu

How To Succeed In Anything By Really Trying

We speak with strategist, facilitator and motivator Lyman MacInnis to learn how to maximize our success. tags: Anythingauthorbooksbusiness_tipscareer_tipsfamilyHow