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Burt Young Videos - 2 by Popular

Rocky Beats Clubber

Rocky 3 1982 - Rocky Beats Clubber - After a rough start, Rocky Sylvester Stallone fights back and beats Clubber Mr. T. tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Mickey Has a Heart Attack

Rocky 3 1982 - Mickey Has a Heart Attack - When Clubber Mr. T crosses Rocky Sylvester Stallone before the fight, Clubber gets aggressive ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Clubber's a Wreckin' Machine

Rocky 3 1982 - Clubber's a Wreckin' Machine - Mickey Burgess Meredith warns Rocky Sylvester Stallone about Clubber. tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Clubber Heckles Rocky

Rocky 3 1982 - Clubber Heckles Rocky - Clubber Mr. T heckles Rocky Sylvester Stallone while he gives a press conference and challenges him ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Rocky Throws Thunderlips

Rocky 3 1982 - Rocky Throws Thunderlips - The crowd goes wild when Rocky Sylvester Stallone picks up Thunderlips Hulk Hogan and throws him ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Rocky is Afraid

Rocky 3 1982 - Rocky is Afraid - A passionate and determined Adrian Talia Shire gives Rocky Sylvester Stallone an inspiring speech about ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Rocky Says Goodbye to Mickey

Rocky 3 1982 - Rocky Says Goodbye to Mickey - Rocky Sylvester Stallone says an emotional goodbye to Mickey Burgess Meredith just before he ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

There Is No Tomorrow!

Rocky 3 1982 - There Is No Tomorrow - Apollo Carl Weathers is tough on an exhausted Rocky Sylvester Stallone during a training session ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Clubber Predicts Pain

Rocky 3 1982 - Clubber Predicts Pain - During a pre-fight interview, a confident Clubber Mr. T predicts pain for the fight against Rocky ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Dead Meat

Rocky 3 1982 - Dead Meat - An aggressive Clubber Mr. T tries to intimidate a more subtle Rocky Sylvester Stallone during their pre-fight ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Rocky Gets KO'd

Rocky 3 1982 - Rocky Gets KO'd - During a brutal fight, Clubber Mr. T knocks out Rocky Sylvester Stallone, and takes the championship title. tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James

Rocky 3 - Trailer #1

Rocky 3 1982 - Trailer 1 - When Rocky Sylvester Stallone is defeated by a brutal challenger Mr. T, his former nemesis Carl Weathers offers ... tags: Adrian_PenninoApollo_CreedBurgess_MeredithBurt_YoungCarl_WeathersClubber_LangDennis_James