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BSGcast - Tricia Helfer Talks BSG Season 4 and More!

Tricia Helfer Talks about Battlestar Galactica's Fourth and Final Season, Scenes with Six and Tigh, and about her Co-Stars You'll see ...

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Richard Hatch

Nat sits down with Richard Hatch, the actor behind Tom Zarek in the current Battlestar Galactica and Apollo in the original, to try and get ... tags: anastasiaapollobattlestarbsgbsgcastcpanelflatpanel

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Glenne Campbell

Nat chats with Battlestar Galactica's revered Costume Designer, Glenne Campbell, as to find out about the challenges and highlights of ... tags: anastasiaangelesauctionbattlestarbsgbsgcastcampbell

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Michael Hogan

Matt gets the chance to chat with the actor behind the Battlestar Galactica's X.O. Colonel Saul Tigh, Michael Hogan. He talks about being ... tags: actorauctionautographbattlestarbsgcanadacolonel

BSGcast: 4.14 "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

The first proper BSGcast review of the final 10 episodes, we break this beautiful character piece of an episode down into the essential ... tags: babybattlestarbsgbsgcastcapricacharacterchief

BSGcast 4.16 - "Blood on the Scales"

The amazing conslusion of the 2-part Mutiny storyline answered a few questions, but none that Part 1 hadn't come up with in the first ... tags: adamabattlestarbloodbsgbsgcastconclusioncylon

Caprica Bluray in France Only?

Recently bought the Caprica series on Bluray... but why did I have to order it from France Intro Music Welcome to the Show by Kevin MacLeod ... tags: BattlestarBlu-ray DiscBlurayBSGCapricaCollectionCylon

MLB Week in Review: 6/27/11

Pyrotechnics will blaze on this Week in Review. Thank you jazz hands. tags: BlogsBrewersBSGFielderGenteNatsPena

NtS 47: Crack in Your System

Recorded on October 23, 2011Watch our video feed if you like. We have beards.Bag of Bones Teaser Trailer.The Avengers Trailer.Buy ... tags: AndroidApplebag_of_bonesBooksBSGComedydelorean

Ballplayers Respond to Landing on Meanest MLB Players List

Last week released controversial MLB player poll results of 15 meanest players in baseball. They've had some time to gather their ... tags: aj albert batting Bradley bsg carlos carpenter


With Commander Adama near death after being shot, Tigh must lead the Galactica and secure the resources needed to save the Commander's life. tags: aaron_douglasapolloBattlestarbsgcavilcylondanna_biers

Valley of Darkness

A Cylon virus has penetrated the Galactica's computers, while Cylon Centurions have boarded and are battling toward the ships vulnerable ... tags: aaron_douglasapolloBattlestarbsgcavilcylondanna_biers