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Scott Rants Bruce The Cop Herbet The Geek

I'm going to be bringing back and keeping Bruce The Cop and Herbet The Geek. These are characters I played in the past and they do need to ... tags: Bruce_The_CopCraighead_ProductionsHerbet_The_GeekScott_CraigheadScott_RantsUpdateVlog

Q&A - What's Your Thought On Bruce The Cop

I just wanted to ask everyone if you think Bruce The Cop is junk or what I explain myself in the video tags: Bruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsQAScott_Craighead

BTC - Lady Gaga Is A Freak

Bruce The Cop talks on how Lady Gaga is a gaga Freak He also shows her his Poker Face tags: Bruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsLady_GagaPoker_FacePop_CultureScott_Craighead

BTC - Oprah And Dr. Phil

Bruce The Cop talks on Oprah and Dr. Phil stupid talk show that has no meaning and is pointless tags: Bruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProducitonsDay_Time_TelevisionDr._PhilOprah_WinfreyScott_Craighead

BTC - President Obama And The Election

Bruce The Cop Talks on President Obama's actions, the website that doesn't work, and how you should vote in the next election tags: Barack_ObamaBroken_WebstieBruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsObamaCarePresident_Election

BTC- Britney Spears and Mondonna

Bruce The Cop talks on pop culture featuring these two idiotic idols Madonna and Britney Spears. Needless to say he has nothing good to say ... tags: Britney_SpearsBruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsMadonnaMiley_CyrusPop_Culture

HTG - Batman Vs Superman

Herbet The Geek talks on the new Batman VS Superman movie..or is it Superman VS Batman. Either way Herbet has some goodies to tell you tags: BatmanBatman_Vs_SupermanBruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsMovieScott_Craighead

BTC - Atheists Scumbags

Bruce The Cop talks about how Atheists scumbags are the problem of the world and are at heart scumbags tags: AtheistsBruce_The_CopBTCCraighead_ProductionsMonkeysScott_CraigheadScumbags

BTC - How Do Cops Dance To Disco

Bruce The Cop teaches cops how to dance in nightclub professional if your a cop This is how you draw a crowd during a DISCO