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Brooklyn Bridge Videos by Popular

Science of Steel

Explore the making of this ubiquitous material and the innovations it has made possible, from the Gateway Arch to medical devices. tags: Brooklyn BridgeconstructionGateway Archmanufacturingmedical instrumentsNational GeographicScience of Steel

Where's Brooklyn At?

Pat O'Shea reminds us that people can be so rude when asking for directions. Follow Pat on Twitter thepatoshea Like us on Facebook ... tags: brooklynbrooklyn bridgecomediancomedycomedy timecomedytimeDir

November 17, 2011: One More Step

November 17, 2011 saw record numbers of people taking to the streets in New York City and cities all over the US and the world, in support ... tags: brooklyn bridgedemocracydemonstrationDemonstration (people)mcmpressN17occupy wall street

When Police Attack (OWS @ FOLEY SQUARE, #N17)

When Police Attack OWS FOLEY SQUARE, N17 I'm spending 99 days with the 99... DONATE TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT more at ... tags: #n17 #ows 99% acronym tv barricades Brooklyn bridge

Occupy Brooklyn Bridge - New York Post

Thousands of protesters marched across NYC landmark after rally in Foley Square on Thursday. The Post Got It Covered Red Carpet ... tags: brooklyn bridge City Foley Square New York Post nypost zuccotti parkbrooklyn bridge

Deepak Chopra interviewed by We Are Change @ #occupywallstreet

If you disagree with deepak chopra please respond with questions you would liked asked to him next we run into him. Help We Are Change ... tags: arrest brooklyn bridge collective consciousness cop drones enlightenment gandhi

Rod Webber - American Dreams (#occupywallstreet)

Chords C,F,G. Capo 5th. played like G,C,D Sell the banks back to themselves/// pawn off our houses// sell away our futures/// sell off the ... tags: american dreams bob dylan brooklyn bridge corporate bullshit corporate overlord Eastertown hopelessness