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França pensa em brigar por Jogos de 2024

O presidente da Frana, Franois Hollande, que est em Londres por ocasio das Olimpadas, disse nesta segunda-feira que o pas pode tentar ... tags: 20122024brigarFrançaFRANCAJogosOLIMPIADAS

White Guy ( Joel ) Vs Mexican Guy ( Risky ) No Rules No Gloves Awesome fight

Joel battles it out with Risky to see who is more superiour. A pretty decent fight. Subscribe to my channel if you like this type of ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

White Guy ( Josh Cross ) Vs Mexican Guy ( Boone ) No Gloves No Rules Awesome Fight

Josh Cross Vs Boone. A great matchup. 2 Heavy handed Brawlers decide to see who can get the best of who Action Packed awesome fight. If you ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

Ryan Vs Chris with Weapons ( Nunchucks ) Awesome Fight

Watch these 2 white guys nail each other with these homemade nunchucks If you enjoyed this fight then go to my channel page. I've got lots ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

Travis Vs John Vs Paul Vs Victor ( Last man Standing ) Awesome Fight ( No Rules free for all )

Every man for themselves in this awesome fight. Its kinda funny how the one guy that says has ' Martial Arts' training gets knocked out ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

Punk Rocker With Brass Knuckles Gets Caught with them and gets a Beatdown ( Entire Footage )

Some Guy gets worried after some guy stares him down after bumping into him and so he pulls out some BrassKnuckles and when someone else ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

The Prefight Footage of Kimbo Slice Vs Sean Gannon ( Never Before Seen Footage )

Some more material of the famous KimboSlice Vs Sean Gannon being seen for the first time to the public. Please subscribe if you like my ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

Straight Jacket Vs Dennis With Weapons ( Kendo Sticks ) PreFight Interview + Fight

An awesome fight with kendo sticks between two crazy white guys named, Straight Jacket and Dennis. Watch the entire video to view the ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing

White Guy Vs Hispanic Guy with Weapons ( Soap in a sock ) Awesome Fight !!!

Another awesome fight from my DVD collection. This match features a white guy and a hispanic fighting with Soap in a sock Thats gotta ... tags: aftermatharmbarbarbloodbloodiestbloodyboxing