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Snow and wind batter France

Winter has come early this year in parts of France, with heavy snow in the East and strong winds in the South prompting authorities to ... tags: andBrecherEasternFranceheavyreportssnow

Typhoon Son-tinh slams Vietnam

Strong winds and high seas here in Vietnam. Typhoon Son-tinh battered the coast on Sunday with winds peaking at over 80 miles per hour. By ... tags: acrossandBrecheroutagespowerreportsSon-tinh

North Korea upgrades Pyongyang's parks

Here in the North Korean capital, a new beautification project is underway. Leader Kim Jong-un has put these soldiers to work, upgrading ... tags: BrechercapitalfromJong-unleaderreportsthe

Russian craft blasts off for International Space Station

Here on the plains of Kazakhstan, the ISS Progress 49 blasts off for the International Space Station. The cargo vehicle launched from the ... tags: blastsBrechercraftforheadsISSlaunch

Superstorm Sandy sparks snowfall in several U.S. states

As the United States' eastern seaboard struggles with epic flooding and massive power outages courtesy of 'superstorm' Sandy, many areas ... tags: Brechercontinuesfromheavyreportssnowfallsparks

Coptic Christians get new Pope

In an extravagant ceremony in Cairo, Egypt's Coptic Church declares its new leader Pope Tawadros II. In a ritual steeped in tradition and ... tags: 118thBrecherCairoceremonyEgyptsgetleader

Car bomb explodes at Benghazi police station

The site of a Sunday morning car bomb attack near a police station in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi. Three police officers were wounded ... tags: BenghazibombBrecherCarcityeasternleast

Egyptian police killed in Sinai shooting

Three Egyptian policemen were killed on Saturday when gunmen fired on their car in northern Sinai's al-Arish, which is near the Gaza Strip. ... tags: BrecherEgyptiannorthernofficersPeninsulapolicereports

Chicago natives back Obama

These are Obama's old stomping grounds -- the Hyde Park suburb of Chicago. It appears there are less 'Vote Obama' signs in storefront ... tags: backBrecherChicagomostlyObamasOfficereports

Suicide blast kills police chief in Pakistan's Peshawar

This is the site of a deadly blast in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar. Early on Wednesday a suicide bomber blew himself up, ... tags: bomberBrecherkillsnorthwesternpeoplePeshawarpolice

Suicide blast kills policemen in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces stand guard at the site of a deadly bombing in Kandahar that killed three policemen and wounded at least three ... tags: AfghanistanAfghanistansandBrecherkillspolicemenProvince

Hong Kong demonstrators demand reform

More than a dozen protesters march to the Chinese Central Government's Liaison Office in Hong Kong. The demonstration -- which coincides ... tags: andBrecherChinascongressHongpoliticalreform