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Brain Function Not Completely Dependent on Size

In order to determine the intelligence of a species, scientists often use the brain mass relative to the body size of an animal. But it ... tags: brainbrain_capacity_size_studybrain_functionbrain_function_size_researchbrain_function_size_scientistsbrian_functiondevelopment_study

Risking Brain Function for Contact Sports

A new study shows even small bumps during contact sports can contribute to poor memory and cognition with possible long-term consequences. ... tags: blows_head_brain_functionblows_head_sportsbrain_functioncontact_sports_blows_headcontact_sport_brain_hitsGeoBeatsHealth_News

Preventing Stroke

Up to 80 percent of strokes that occur in the United States each year could be prevented Need more convincing Check out this video tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioncauses_of_strokeHealth_videohow_to_prevent_a_strokeMedicalMedical_videos

Understanding Generalized Seizures

Although generalized seizures are characterized by electrical activity throughout the brain, each is profoundly different. tags: atonic_seizuresbrainbrain_disorderbrain_functionepileptic_seizuresfocal_seizuresgeneralized_epileptic_seizures

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

It's more than Michael J. Fox...In fact, 1.5 million Americans suffer from the degenerative movement disorder known as Parkinson's disease tags: about_parkinsons_diseasebrain_disorderbrain_functionHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmichael_j_fox:_shaky_hands

Risk Factors for Stroke

One in 16 deaths in the United States is directly related to a stroke. So, make sure you know your risk factors for having one-it just may ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioncauses_of_a_strokeHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosnervous_symptom:_Health

Symptoms of Stroke

Without immediate medical attention, a person having a stroke may suffer memory loss, or even death. Learn what to watch out for so you or ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functionHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmini_stroke_signsnervous_symptom:_Health

Recovering Cognition After Stroke

A person who has had a stroke may suddenly have trouble speaking, or be unable to recall names or faces. While normal, this is quite ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioneffects_of_a_strokeHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmini_stroke_recovery

Consequences of Insomnia

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, and whether you are getting fewer hours of sleep than you are used to or you are just not sleeping ... tags: brain_functioncognitive_brain_functioncounting_sheepdreamingdreamsfatiguehours_of_sleep

Relax Progressively to Sleep Deep

You'd kill to sleep, but even a quick rest is out of the question when you're on the job. If your performance is affected by lack of ZZZs, ... tags: brain_functioncounting_sheepdrowsymemoryperformancerelaxrest

Study: Brain's Abilities Decline After Age 45

A new study shows the brain's ability to reason, recall information and use words starts declining 15 years earlier than previously thought. tags: agingalzheimersbrain_chemistrybrain_functionbrain_researchbrain_sciencebrain_study

You Use Only 10 % Of Your Brain: Myth or Fact?

Do you believe the old maxim that humans use only 10 of their brains If so, you might be surprised to find this myth debunked tags: BrainBrain_FunctionBrain_PowerHealth_MythHuman_BrainHuman_PotentialIntellect