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Brain Food: How Do Antioxidants Work?

Brain food It's vital to prevent memory loss and improve the mind Some of the best super foods contain antioxidants like vitamin C, beta ... tags: antioxidantantioxidants:_vitamin_Cbeta_caroteneblueberriesbrainbrain_foodbrain_foods

Brain Training Basics

How can you improve your brainpower Brain training starts with brain games, like solitare and sudoku, and continues with a brain food diet. ... tags: :_Healthalzheimer'sbrainpowerbrain_challenge:_brain_gamesbrain_foodbrain_healthbrain_training

Brad the Human Google Shows His Special Power

Brad, 55, has been coined 'The Human Google' after being diagnosed with hyperthymesia. Hyperthymesia is a superior autobiographical memory ... tags: Bradbrain_foodDr._Neil_MartinGoogleHealthyHealth_NeurologyHis

How Old Can We Get?

Links to learn moreLike us on facebook music by Jake Chudnow info on aging People Ever People who are STILL ALIVE on age and the first ... tags: age bio brain food Calment childhood death edu

Feed That Brain!

Brain Food Imagine being able to boost your IQ, sharpen your memory, improve your mood and keep your mind youthful. You can do all of ... tags: alzheimer'sbrain_fooddementiaHealth_Beauty

Brain Foods: Concentration

Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and certain proteins and fats can improve your concentration.Watch this for a quick tip on ... tags: AntioxidantsBlueberriesBrain_FoodBrain_GamesBrain_HealthBrain_NutritionCholine

Best Brain Foods

Boosting brainpower and performing at your best is as simple as snacking on the right nutrient-rich foods. Watch this for a quick tip tags: AntioxidantsBlueberriesBrain_FoodBrain_GamesBrain_HealthBrain_NutritionCholine

Healthy Brain: Foods for Focus

Need a quick tip on choosing the best foods that'll help your wandering brain focus Watch this tags: AntioxidantsblossomsBlueberriesBrain_FoodBrain_GamesBrain_HealthBrain_Nutrition