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মগজ ভাজি

Brain fry is a very tasty dish can be taken as starter course or snack. This video demonstrates all the steps how you can make brain fries ... tags: BanglaBrainCookingFoodFryIndianRecipe

Italian politician Pierluigi Bersani suffers brain hemorrhage

Italian political leader Pierluigi Bersani has been admitted to hospital in Parma following a slight brain hemorrhage. Bersani had taken ... tags: brainHealthhemorrhageItalianItalian_politicsItalyPierluigi

Schumacher's wife arrives at Grenoble hospital

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION Michael Schumacher's wife, Corinna, arrived on Friday at a Grenoble hospital in France where the seven-time ... tags: arrivesbrainCutFormulahospitalinjuriesnarration

Schumacher fans gather outside hospital for his 45th birthday

Fans gather outside a French hospital for the 45th birthday Michael Schumacher. Seven-times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher ... tags: brainFansforfrominjuriesLukeoutside

10 Curious Facts About Being Left-Handed

Want to be a politican How about a medieval knight Then... tags: alcoholalltime10sarmyboozebraindeathdebate

Man walks with a robotic leg controlled by his brain

A 32-year-old man whose knee and lower leg were amputated in 2009 after a motorcycle accident is apparently the first person with a missing ... tags: braincontrolledlegman-walkrobotic

Michael Schumacher: 'Slight improvement but still critical'

In a press conference on Tuesday, doctors said Michael Schumacher is showing a 'slight improvement', following a skiing accident in the ... tags: accidentbraincomadoctorsfrench_alpsgrenobleitnnews

Michael Schumacher in critical condition | Journal

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher remains in a critical condition after suffering brain trauma. The German driver was taken to a ... tags: braincrashdeutschedwformulaoneschumacher

Neurosurgeon says Schumacher outcome 'impossible' to predict

Consultant neurosurgeon Christopher Chandler says it is 'impossible' to predict the outcome of Michael Schumacher's condition, following ... tags: accidentbrainchristopher_chandlercomadoctorf1formula_one

Brain Function Not Completely Dependent on Size

In order to determine the intelligence of a species, scientists often use the brain mass relative to the body size of an animal. But it ... tags: brainbrain_capacity_size_studybrain_functionbrain_function_size_researchbrain_function_size_scientistsbrian_functiondevelopment_study

Inspecteur Gadget Sauve Noël

Gadget est l pour sauver le Pre Nol des griffes malfiques de Dr. Claw et ses disciples stupides. Cette offre spciale Nol a t nomin pour un ... tags: adventurebrainchildrens_animatedclawcookie_jarfamilygadget