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Anorexia Treatment Options

It's speculated that underweight Brittany Murphy's anorexia nervosa played a part in her untimely passing. Anorexia, an eating disorder ... tags: actoranorexia_nervosaanorexia_statisticsanorexia_treatmentanorexicbody_imagebody_issues

Are You Addicted to Exercise?

Many people like physical activity, but too much of anything is no good Hypergymnasia, also called anorexia athletica, or simply, exercise ... tags: anorexia_athleticabody_buildingbody_imagebody_issuesbody_sizecompulsive_disorders:exerciseexercise_addiction

Understanding Night Eating Syndrome (NES)

Night eating syndrome is a binge eating disorder characterized by compulsive overeating after dinner. Night eating is often distressing, ... tags: americansbody_imagedisordereating_at_nighteating_disorderseating_habitsednos

Understanding Eating Disorders

Most people understand what it is to have an eating disorder, particularly the more familiar forms bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. ... tags: about_eating_disordersbehaviorsbody_dysmorphicbody_imagebulima_symptomseating_disordereating_disorders

Healthy Body Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror If you hate what you see, you may have an unhealthy body image - even if you are actually at a ... tags: body_dysmorphiabody_dysmorphicbody_dysmorphic_disorderbody_imagedepression_treatmentdietingdiet_and_nutrition

Eating Disorder Indicators

Know the signs of anorexia What about the traits that signal another eating disorder If you're worried about a friend's body image--and the ... tags: anarexiaanorexia_causesanorexia_symptomsbody_imageBulimiacompulsive_eatingdepression_treatment

Plastic Surgery on Campus

One college student in 20 has had plastic surgery, and the most popular options include breast augmentation, liposuction, and the nose job. ... tags: body_flawsbody_imageboob_jobbreast_augmentationbreast_enhancementbreast_surgerychemical_peels

Bulimia Treatment Options

Paula Abdul once suffered from bulimia nervosa, characterized by binging and purging. People with bulimia have weight problems and body ... tags: ask_whybingingbody_imagebody_issuesbody_sizebulimiabulimia_disorder

Binging: The Most Common Eating Disorder

Kristie Alley makes headlines for her weight. A compulsive eater, Kirstie is a good example of the struggles manifested by binge eating ... tags: binge_eatingbinge_eating_disorderbingingbody_imagebody_issuesbody_sizechristy

The Truth About Bulimia Nervosa

speaks with Dr. Howard Steiger of the Douglas University Institute to better understand the eating disorder, bulimia nervosa. tags: Anorexia_nervosabingeingbody_imagebulimia_nervosacaloriesdentistDouglas_University_Institute

The Truths and Myths Concerning Anorexia Nervosa

speaks with Dr. Howard Steiger of the Douglas University Institute to better understand the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. tags: Anorexia_nervosaanorexicbody_imagebulimia_nervosacaloriescultureDouglas_University_Institute

How To Feel Better About Your Body

Jug guide to improving your body image, with advice on boosting self esteem and learning to accept your body as it is. Feel better about ... tags: andbobody_imageconfidenceinternet_memesLeisureLife