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The New York -Last Chance- Skywriting (10-09-2011) ~ PSY-OP Exposed - Stabilized

Also watch The Fukushima Pointing Man is a Projection 08-28-2011 'Identity Revealed' PSY-OP Exposed The full text written ... tags: 2012 9/11 bluebeam chance chemtrails conspiracy deception

Enormous Plasma Object Stretches Out into the Sun (10-01-2011) ~ SOHO LASCO C2

..observe the geometry and symmetry of the emission before and after the impact from that angle.. LASCO C2 ... tags: 2012 9/11 bluebeam calendar comet crisis deception

The Fukushima PSY-OP Revealed ~ Pointing Man is a Holographic Projection (08-28-2011)

Also watch I See Fake People The Fukushima Pointing Man Mystery 2011.08.28 1000-1100 / from Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant ... tags: 2012 9/11 aliens artifact black bluebeam chemtrails

The New York "Last Chance" Skywriting Projection (10-09-2011) ~ Artwork Artist PSY-OP Exposed

Also watch The Fukushima Holographic Ghost Man Projection 08-28-2011 The full text written related to this video 'Lost Our ... tags: 2012 9/11 black bluebeam chance chemtrails city

The Black Cloverleaf ~ 9/11 Truth Stranger than Fiction ~ Pt.16/16 The Global 2012 NWO Platform

Read supporting video info here 16/16 of The Global 2012 Platform Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / ... tags: 11 9/11 age amy betty bluebeam calendar

The 2012 NWO Agenda 16/17 ~ 9/11 Technology Exposed ~ Resolve Your Conditioning

Part 16/17 of The 2012 NWO Agenda Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. The Bluebeam Generation pt.4 for pt.5 ... tags: age america bbc bluebeam carol chemtrails cloverleaf

Pt.4/5 The Bluebeam Generation ~ 9/11 NWO: Peeling the Layers of the Paradox Deception

A groundbreaking 5 part series 6 videos unraveling the global NWO paradox deception, its symbolism and its connection to the 9/11 ... tags: 11 2012 alex amy bbc chemtrails conspiracy

Amazing UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011

UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011 ---- Incredible Footage tags: 2011 2012 26 51 area beam blue

URGENT - CNN Hype Alien Invasion As Tool To Improve The Economy - And Admit It Would Fake!!!

Just listen to this Talk about hiding things in plain sight, and laying out the agenda. Here we see Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman ... tags: 2012alexalienaxis4peace3axis4peace4beamblue