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Blue Exorcist Videos - 5 by Popular

A Fun Camping Trip

The first semester has ended, signaling the start of summer vacation for students. But theres no rest for Rin and the other ExWires they ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistCampingFun

Gehenna Gate

Rin is thrown into turmoil when Shiro tells him that he's the son of Satan Warning him that he must never draw it, Shiro gives Rin the Koma ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistGehenna_GateJun_Fukuyama

A Flock of Plovers

To overcome her shyness, Shiemi secretly vows to Make friends But shes foiled by her klutziness. After displaying her Tamer skills in ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistFlockJun_Fukuyama

The Garden of Amahara

When Yukio takes on a case, Rin tags along with him to the Exorcism Supply Shop. There he meets Shiemi, a girl with ailing legs, tending to ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAmaharaAnimeBlue_ExorcistGarden

A Boy From the Cursed Temple

Rin is always snoozing in class, much to star pupil Suguro's irritation. Suguro's striving to become an exorcist so he can restore his ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistBoyCursed

The Devil Resides in Human Souls

Rin Okumura begins to worry about his future as his twin brother, Yukio, is starting school at the prestigious True Cross Academy. Sent to ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistDevilHuman

The Phantom Chef

The biggest headache of Rins school life is his daily meals. On Yukios advice, Rin starts cooking in the dorm kitchen, preparing lunch the ... tags: 2011A-1_PicturesActionAnimeBlue_ExorcistJun_FukuyamaKana_Hanazawa