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Bipartisan Videos - 3 by Popular

Obama budget proposals expected to refuel bipartisan feud in US Congress

With the sequester in full motion and the effects from widespread budget cuts gradually being realized, partisan division is fierce in ... tags: BipartisanBudgetEconomyObama

Lack of affordable health care in US

The United States lags behind all other Western countries when it comes to healthcare for its people. tags: ACAbipartisanCourtdisasterhealthcareObamacarePress

Obama Renews Calls for Immigration Reform

President Obama gears up for domestic defense reform after an international terrorist take-down. tags: bipartisancitizenshipimmigrationnewspolicypoliticsreform

FCIC Report: Wall Street Gets Off Free

Despite more than a year of investigation into the financial crisis, US President Obama's bipartisan 'meltdown panel' cast a wide net of ... tags: banksbigbipartisancommissioncrisisfinancialpolitics

ODG bipartisan sede legale ASL

ODG bipartisan sede legale ASLnbsp tags: ASLbipartisanlegaleODGsede

Grecia: richiesta bipartisan per le dimissioni di Papandreou

La bomba politica lanciata dal premier greco George Papandreou si fa sentire a cominciare dal Pasok. Il partito socialista, al governo, ... tags: bipartisandimissionieuronewsGreciaGrecia:Papandreouper

Senators agree on immigration reform

In a rare show of bipartisanship, U.S. Senate Republicans and Democrats agree on a sweeping plan to reform immigration. Senior Republican ... tags: BipartisangroupimmigrationJulielawmakersNoceplan

The Alyona Show: Intelligent Cooperation (Part 3)

RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao has the story on a simulated cyber attack on the United States aimed at testing the nations defense ... tags: AlyonaBipartisanCenterFrazaoKristineMinkovskiPolicy

VOSTF - Sarah Palin veut travailler pour Barack Obama

Si Barack Obama acceptait, ce serait 'l'ouverture' l'amricaine. L'ex-candidate rpublicaine la vice-prsidence Sarah Palin s'est dclare ... tags: barackbipartisandemocratesjohnmccainobamaouverture

Immigration Showdown Starts With Senate Vote

The Gang of Eight's immigration plan faces its first floor vote ahead of stiff opposition from some Republicans. tags: billbipartisanborderimmigrationlawmexicannews

Immigration debate: USA NOW video

Shannon Rae Green hosts USA Now for February 18, 2013, covering the immigration debate in Congress, tragic death of Mindy McCready, Danica ... tags: bipartisangroupHouseNOWObamaPresidentRepublican

Obama Forms Bipartisan Debt Commission

U.S. President Barack Obama has called for a bipartisan debt commission. The media are debating the effectiveness of his proposal. tags: BarackbipartisancommissiondebatedebtDemocratloan