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#CESlive: Signing in to Your Computer with Your Iris - GeekBeat Tips & Reviews

If you haven't heard of eyeLock yet, you probably will soon. It's all about biometric identification doing away with the standard ... tags: authenticationbiometricsceslivegadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeek_beat

Biometrics move on

Biometric technology the science of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data is currently used to make it more difficult to ... tags: BiometricsmoveNew_technologiesSecurityUSA

Biometrics Could Soon Mean No More Passwords

Researchers at Purdue University say it's coming soon Biometrics--identification by human traits--is leading the way forward, making it ...

German Group Claims IPhone Fingerprint Hack

A German hacking group claims it can bypass the fingerprint-based security system used to unlock Apple's new iPhone 5S. A spokesman for the ...

Hackers Claim To Have Defeated Apple's Touch ID Print Sensor

The Chaos Computer Club in Germany announced that it defeated Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor by photographing an iPhone user's ...

Global Reactions to Newest WikiLeaks Documents Roll in

A large batch of US diplomatic messages obtained by WikiLeaks reveals many cases of two-faced diplomacy, especially in the Arab world, and ... tags: ArabiabiometricscabledocumentforeignIranpolicy

Police State International: The globalization of control

CONTINUE WATCHING TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES With the National Defense Authorization Act, the Enemy Expatriation ... tags: biometricscontrolgridpolicestatesurveillancetechnology

IBM Future Predictions Security Biometrics in 2015 News Tech

IBM Future Predictions Security Biometrics in 2015 News Tech Rare video provided to SBARTSTV courtesy IBM. IBM Future Predictions Security ... tags: 2015BiometricsBusinessComputerCustomerDataEducational

Emerging Tech Talk #44 - Voice Biometrics - Paul Heirendt of Trade Harbor

What is voice biometrics all about and what can solutions from TradeHarbor do to help you In this segment of our Voice Biometrics series, ... tags: biometricsdanyorkdan_yorkidentitypaul_heirendtsecurityTechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #45 - Voice Biometrics - Ariel Freidenberg of PerSay

What are the trends in voice biometrics and how is PerSay different from other voice biometrics vendors In this segment of our Voice ... tags: ariel_freidenbergbiometricsdanyorkdan_yorkidentitypersaysecurity