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Biogas – Turning Pizza into Power | Made in Germany

Much of what we discard each day can be reused. Most people know that materials like glass and paper can be easily recycled. Whats not such ... tags: BiogasBiosystemElectricityplantSchwarting

Biogas - A New Source of Energy for Nepal | Global 3000

In Nepal, domestic biogas plants are revolutionizing the lives of the rural population. Biogas cuts down on CO2 emissions, saves firewood ... tags: 3000BiogasCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

Russia: Energy from Trash | Made in Germany

Russian energy policy still focuses on oil, gas and nuclear power. But there are small signs of change. In the city of Belgorod, a German ... tags: animal_dungbiogasdeutsche_welleeconomicsenergymade_in_germanynuclear_power

Passau - Rekordniveau bei Strompreis

Durch die hohe kostrom-Umlage muss der Verbraucher deutlich mehr fr seinen Strom zahlen. Die Umlage befindet sich auf Rekordniveau.

Passau - Teurer Ökostrom

Im Jahr 2014 klettert die EEG-Umlage auf Rekordhhe. Einzelne Betreiber fordern jetzt eine Gesetzesreform.

Energy from Agricultural Commodities - Bio-gas Pioneer Christoph Martens | Made in Germany

The boom in the bio-gas industry has led to Germany increasing its corn production to 810,000 hectares. But these large fields have their ...

Energy Self-Sufficient Villages Could Show Cities the Way | People

The village of Wildpoldsried in the Allgu generates enough electricity to satisfy the needs of all its 2,500 residents. It produces the ...

German Green Technology for Japan | Made in Germany

The family-run enterprise Lipp is an established global player in the biogas production sector. The Baden-Wrttemberg company is also ...

Energy from Waste - Sustainable waste management for a megacity | Tomorrow Today

Enormous amounts of waste, a rising population, over-crowding, and an aging infrastructure Vietnam's capital Hanoi is a perfect example of ...

Das Toiletten-Bike - wahrhaft tierisch Gas geben

Japans grter Toilettenhersteller hat das nach eigenen Angaben weltweit erste Fahrzeug vorgestellt, das allein mit Biogas aus Ausscheidungen ... tags: BIKEBIOGASBUNTDasGasgebenMOTORRAD

Seremi de energia 3º y 4º region dicta Charla informativa y educativa de eficiencia ...

05/05/13,, Este Jueves 02 de mayo se llevo a cabo una charla informativa y ... tags: atacamabiogasdeenconexionprogreenHuascoProvincia