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Bigfoot Videos - 4 by Popular

Possible Bigfoot tracks video

A possible bigfoot track compilation. Kind of interesting. Thanks tags: bigfootEvidenceFinding_Bigfootsasquatchtrackswood_apeyeti

Field work on possible bigfoot Track

TCC's Bobby Longdoes some field work concerning possible Bigfoot tracks. The possible track photo was taken on 3/9/13. Thanks tags: BigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatch

Bigfoot Track Found - Tom Baker interview

The Crypto Crew Interview Series - Interview with Tom Baker who recently found a possible bigfoot track while on an expedition with Ridge ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewInterviewresearchsasquatchsquatch

The Patterson Footage part 3

This is part 3 of a closer look at the Patterson film. Some work is from MK Davis. FYI - The Crypto Hunters was renamed The Crypto Crew ... tags: bigfootPattersonPattyReal_or_FakesasquatchSquatchYeti

The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked part 2

A closer look at the famous Roger Patterson bigfoot footage. Was it a man in a suit. Some of this work comes from MK Davis. FYI our name ... tags: bigfootfack_or_fakedPattersonPattyreal_bigfootsasquatchSquatch

The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked

A closer look at the famous Roger Patterson bigfoot footage. Was it a man in a suit. Some of this work comes from MK Davis. Leroy Blevins ... tags: bigfootPattersonPattyReal_or_FakesasquatchSquatchYeti

The Naysh River sasquatch breakdown

A closer look at what some say is a real bigfoot. A more detailed look. Thanks tags: Bigfootcrypto_crewreal_or_hoaxsasquatchyeti

The Fering Film Breakdown

Original upload by BigfootBeliever2012 Known as the Fering film. This was shot by Daniel Fering and his friend. Shows a real Sasquatch as ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencebreakdowncrypto_crewfinding_bigfootsasquatchSquatch

The Fering Film breakdown part 1.5

This is just a little add on to the first breakdown I did. I don't know much about this film but what is captured on film looks pretty big ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_videocrypto_crewsasquatchSquatchyeti

The Crypto Show - Tent Video & Crypto Crew

cThe Crypto Show - This show we talk about the Rick Dyer Tent video and The Crypto Crew. Thanks tags: bigfootcrypto_crewdead_bigfootRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfootSquatch

The Crypto Show - Shane Shamblin

The Crypto Show - Special guest was unable to make it so I kind of wing it and talk about several topics. The last part of the show Shane ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_DNAcrypto_crewKetchumRadiosasquatchsquatch

The Crypto Show - Bigdog Mendoza

The Crypto Show with special guest Felipe Mendoza Aka Bigdog. He gives a very good and entertaining account of his encounter. I hope you ... tags: Bigdog_MendozabigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewReportsasquatchSighting