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Bigfoot Videos - 2 by Popular

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting

PBS Summary Report on Alleged Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Case 5-16-2013 Primary Investigators Stan Gordon-- Independent Bigfoot and UFO ... tags: Bigfootdead_bigfootPennsylvaniapolicePorsche_911_GT3repostsasquatch

Shooting Bigfoot Director Morgan Matthew interview

This is an interview with the director of the film Shooting Bigfoot. The film and story surrounding it is that a bigfoot was killed and it ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologydead_bigfootHoaxMorgan_MatthewsRick_Dyersasquatch

Today show covers Sykes DNA Study

DNA Analysis is being used by Brian Sykes an Oxford professor on materials connected to the Yeti. He hopes to shed some light on the ... tags: BigfootBigfoot_DNABrian_SykesNewsOxfordSasquatchStudy

Family Fun while out Bigfooting - I do Think theres a Tarzan in these woods

While Bobby Corinna are out doing a little bigfoot hunting they have some fun with the kids. I do believe there is a Tarzan in these ... tags: Bigfootbobby_longcorinna_longcrypto_crewfunMoneymakerSasquatch

Christopher Noel Talks about Tent Video

Christopher Noel talks about the tent video and the possible killing of a real bigfoot by Rick Dyer. Thanks tags: BigfootChistopher_Noeldead_bigfootRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfoottent_video

1957 Radio Interview with Rene Dahinden

Rene Dahinden and his wife interviewed by Nyra Groves on March 21, 1957. This interview sounds really scripted but still interesting from a ... tags: BigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewFinding_BigfootRené_DahindensasquatchSquatch

Dax gets Reply to Tree Knock

TCC's Dax Rushlow gets a possible reply to his tree knock. I have enhanced the audio. Thanks tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewDax_RushlowsasquatchSquatchtree_knock

Bigfoot In Tent Video Is Dead!

This is a video made about our breaking news about the possible killing of a bigfoot in Texas. The Tent video is the footage this is in ... tags: bigfootdeadfilmreal_or_hoaxRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfoot

Rene Dahinden Kokanee Beer commercial

In 1997,Dahinden appeared in a popular television ads for Kokanee beer.The brewers of Kokanee beer, acknowledging Renes life long pursuit ... tags: BeerbigfootFunnyKokaneeRené_DahindensasquatchYeti

Texas Man Says He Shot Two Bigfoots!

This is from the old Art Bell show - A man claims to have killed 2 bigfoots and hide the bodies. Thanks tags: Art_BellbigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchShooting_BigfootSquatch

Yeti Snow Walker breakdown

The Famous Yeti Snow walker video. I have enhanced the video to gain more details. Many claim this is a fake and it may be but if so it is ... tags: bigfootcrypto_crewfact_or_fakedfinding_bigfootsasquatchsnow_walkeryeti

Campers film Yeti - breakdown

I done a little slowing and zooming on the yeti video...some interesting things in it. There have been reports of bf/yeti hiding and ... tags: BFRObigfootcrypto_crewFinding_BigfootPolandsasquatchsquatch