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Politics, Re-Spun meets COOP Radio 7.13.09--"I Am a Free Speech Zone"

Imtiaz Popat on 'The Rational' and I talk about the Olympics and free speech Olympics, VANOC, IOC, free speech zones as cages, the BC ... tags: BC_Liberal_PartyDemocracyfree_speech_zonesGovernment_OrganizationsGregor_RobertsonImtiaz_PopatIOC

Politics, Re-Spun meets COOP Radio 5.18.09--Election Post-Mortem

Imtiaz Popat on 'The Rational' and I talk about a post-mortem of the BC election poll numbers converging, the carbon tax, Wally Oppal is ... tags: BC_Liberal_PartyCarole_JamesDemocracyEconomicselectionGordon_CampbellGovernment_Organizations

Politics, Re-Spun meets COOP Radio 5.11.09--Election Eve

Imtiaz Popat on 'The Rational' talks with Damien Gillis from Save Our Rivers and me about election outcomes, STV implications, polling ... tags: BC_Liberal_PartyBilly_Bob_ThorntonCarole_JamesDamien_GillisDemocracyEconomicsEnvironment

Politics, Re-Spun meets COOP Radio 5.4.09

Imtiaz Popat and I talked about the leaders debate last night, how horribly condescending and unprofessional Gordon Campbell was, how the ... tags: BC_Liberal_PartyBilly_Bob_ThorntonCarole_JamesDemocracyEconomicsEnvironmentGordon_Campbell

Politics, Re-Spun meets COOP Radio

Stephen Elliott-Buckley discusses politics, the BC election, the myth of media objectivity, the 5-year anniversary of Politics, Re-Spun, ... tags: BC_Liberal_PartyBilly_Bob_ThorntonCanadaCarole_JamesClass_WarDemocracyEconomics

The Lie of Non-Partisanship

Being 'non-partisan' is a ploy of right wing political parties to marginalize anyone with an ideology by positing themselves as objective, ... tags: BC Liberal PartyBC_Liberal_PartycopedemocratsGordon CampbellGordon_CampbellGovernment_Organizations

Gordon Campbell's neoLiberal Government: Forced Sadomasochism

Gordon Campbell's neoLiberal Government Forced Sadomasochism as the non-hyper-rich must subsidize the mortgages of the hyper-rich and ... tags: BC Liberal PartyBC_Liberal_Partyclass struggleclass_struggleGordon CampbellGordon_CampbellGovernment_Organizations

Rebranding Political Parties in BC Politics

Reflections on former Socred Jim Nielsen's column in Peachland's newspaper. He argues that voters sometimes get fed up with political ... tags: BC Liberal PartyBC_Liberal_PartybrandGordon CampbellGordon_CampbellGovernment_OrganizationsJim Nielsen